Why YOU should study in the UK

Trying to decide which college to study in is hard enough. Or trying to figure out which course is the right one for you to do.

But then to make the biggest and most important decision of your life — which country should you study in?

And as you wade through all the college information, each one tells you why should study in this place and no other. At the end of the day, you are totally clueless.

The most popular options for international students are the UK, America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Only five countries but each one of them has some amazing virtues for going there.

Below I outline the best reasons why you should study in the UK.

If you are considering studying in Britain, then you need to read this short guide. I list the best things about studying in the United Kingdom and why it could be the perfect place for you to spend three years being a student.

Let’s dive right in and take a look.


A Good Reputation

Without doubt, the UK has a fantastic reputation in education.

What does this mean for you? It means that when anyone sees that you have studied in the UK they will pay attention to you. The words ‘United Kingdom’ written on your resume can go a very long way.

As soon as you graduate, or a few months before, you will start job hunting. Competition during this time is harsh so you need to have an edge above the others.

HR departments are notoriously picky when choosing the right candidates for their job positions, but when they see that you have studied in the UK there is a much stronger chance that you get shortlisted for the interview.

Just the mere mention that you have studied in the UK is enough.

And not only that, for prestige alone when talking to others or introducing yourself, when you say that you studied in the UK that leaves an outstanding impression.

Reputation goes a very long way. The UK earned its reputation in education through ensuring high standards and a high bar in excellence.

You can gain your reputation by choosing the UK as a place to study.


 Quality Institutions

You can find the best universities in the world in the UK.

Mention to anyone that you know that you are studying in the UK and they will be very impressed. Mention this to an HR manager and they will instantly want to know more about you.

You have heard of Oxford and Cambridge — everyone knows these two famous colleges. Two of the best places to study in the world and both of them in the UK. But there is also St Andrews, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Durham, Lancaster, Loughborough, Bath, University College London and Exeter.

These colleges and universities have great prestige around the world. They all feature highly in lists of recommended places to study. All of them internationally recognised.

As your resume lands on the desks of various HR departments just the sight alone of a world-famous and renowned university will leave a huge impression.

Apart from these places, there are many other places you can choose from. There are redbrick universities and many others. You can find a full list here

This will give you a huge advantage when applying for jobs but not only that — it will make mum and dad so proud too!


Wide Choice of Courses

Whatever subject you want to study you can find it in the UK.

When you apply to the university of your dreams you want to know that they can offer you the course of your dreams too. Why should you settle for anything less? It would not be a good idea if you searched for courses and couldn’t find anything exact so you took something that was close enough.

For example, you want to study Electronic Systems Engineering but couldn’t find that so you settled for something that sounded close enough to it.

No one wants second best and neither do you. So why settle for less?

Apply to a British university and you will find that they have the exact course you want to do. You will then go through every year believing you have made the right decision and that you are in the place, where you belong.

UK colleges and universities offer a huge range of courses and you can easily find the exact course that you want.

It will be like it was tailor-made just for you.

Get the right fit — not something ill-fitting.


Years of Experience

The UK has a long history of welcoming international students from all over the world.

British universities have many years’ experience of teaching international students. Students have been coming for many many years so the UK knows exactly how to cater to them.

And the UK is still a growing destination for international students — students from China, India, Germany, Nigeria and France are among the students from various parts of the world that want to study there.

You need to know that your college can take care of your needs as an international student. You need to be sure that for whatever issues or problems that arise — and they will — that there is someone on campus to help you solve it.

The last thing you need is to find that your college is just as lost as you are.

The college needs to have every single query and question answered and UK colleges have this covered because of the years of experience of receiving overseas students over the years.

This will give you the security you need as you complete your studies.


Improve your English Skills

You will get all the skills you need at college. You will need a wide range of skills — plus English skills. What better place to improve your English skills than the home of English itself?

Yes, you can learn all the skills you need. Every college should offer that.

But in the UK you will improve and learn a vital skill in the world today—English.

And England is the home of the English language so what better place to study and improve your English skills than the country itself?

If you study in the UK, your entire environment will be in the English language. That means that every time you step outside the door you will need to read, speak and listen to English. Sure there are neighbourhoods where other languages can be seen and heard but mostly it is all in English.

All those weird little colloquialisms, those odd turns of phrase, the idioms — you will hear these daily and they will become so commonplace in your mind that you will speak English like a native by the time you graduate.

And when you are applying for jobs, they may require you to speak English in the interview. Imagine the look on the HR manager’s face as you speak English like you were born in the country?


World-Leading Research Facilities 

If you graduate and want to continue studying for a PhD, then the UK is one of the best places to do it.

The UK has world-leading research facilities and you will find that studying for a PhD in the UK would be the best choice you could make.


Visa Process is Easy

Applying for any visa to any country can be a stressful experience. But applying for a student visa can be an exercise in absolute anxiety. You have to make sure every single detail is exactly right and all the information is correct.

One thing you do not need to worry about is applying for a study visa to the UK. It is a pain-free process and as the country has so many international students every year; they make the whole process as simple as can be.

This website gives some great information on how to apply.

There is no need to get stressed out at all.

Applying for a UK student visa is actually very simple and logical.


Cost-Effective to Study

Why should you go to a country that is overpriced and too expensive to study?

You want to go to a country that has a good reputation but you also have to think of the economics of studying abroad.

The UK is considered a far more economical way of studying as the courses are shorter. As it takes less time to complete a course, that means fewer fees and less living costs for you.

The average degree course in the UK takes three years to complete. A postgraduate degree takes one year.

But in many other countries, it takes four years to finish a degree. Two or three years to complete a postgraduate degree.

By only studying one year less than in other countries, your savings are going to be considerable.

Not only that, but the tuition fees are less than in other countries too. Tuition fees in the UK are about £2000 to £3000 cheaper than Australia or America. That is not a small amount of savings.

Added to that, when you apply for your study visa for the UK you will only need proof of £16,000 in your bank account. Compare that to America where you will need proof of the equivalent of £18,000 in the bank. Or to Australia where you will need to show the equivalent of £25,000.

Do you really want to spend money that you don’t have to? That is money that you can use for other things in your life.


Financial Help

Also remember there is a lot of financial help in the form of bursaries, scholarships and grants — over 20,000 international students in the UK receive one or more of these benefits. And you can too.

Your student union in your college or the local authorities should be able to lead you in the right direction about these grants.

Very few international students take full advantage of this so you must ask.

You might find you are on the receiving end of a nice cash windfall.

Everyone likes free money, right?


Cheap to Live

You will be happy to know that many places outside of London are very reasonable in terms of the cost of living. If your university is in a city outside of London, then you can be sure that your rent and day-to-day living costs will be much lower than if you lived in the capital.

Plus, you should know as a student in the UK you are entitled to free health care on the NHS. Yes, you have to pay a fee for meds but most other care is free because of the wonderful National Health Service.

These are things you should definitely consider when studying in the UK.


Work Part-Time

On an international student visa, you can work up to 20 hours a week. You have full permission to work while studying.

Unless your family is super rich and you can rely on the bank of mum and dad, then you will need some extra cash from somewhere. You will be glad to know that if you are a student in the UK you instantly get permission to work up to 20 hours a week. That is the difference between living hand to mouth every week and being able to pay the bills and rent.

Being able to work in the UK while studying does several things for you.

It makes you independent. You can support yourself and you are not relying on anyone else. You are a free agent.

It gives you confidence. You can take care of yourself and that makes you a real adult. Yes, it would be nice to have a rich mother or father to take care of things but think what working your way through college does for your mind.

It will help you improve your English. The most common part-time jobs in the UK are working in a bar or a restaurant or working in a coffee shop. You will probably work with other British people, serving British people and being with British people for large periods of time.

Your English skills will go through the roof! And you’re being paid!


LGBT Friendly

Are you gay? Are you bisexual or transgender? Or maybe, as is very common for college-age students, you are just coming to terms with the idea yourself and you are unsure.

If this is you, then rest assured that the UK is a very tolerant place in terms of LGBT issues. Most cities and towns in the country have a thriving gay scene and you will find LGBT clubs and meetings on campus too.

If you have come out or are on the verge of coming out, then you will find the UK and your UK college a friendly place to do so.


British Culture

When studying abroad you need to be in an environment that is vibrant and energetic. You need to immerse yourself in the middle of all the rich culture that the country can offer.

Why? Because it will fill your mind with memories and you will learn so much more about the country you are in.

If you want to just go and live in the country and sink yourself in a little vacuum or bubble so be it — but you are cheating yourself and you are missing out.

Most cities and towns in the UK have a rich cultural scene in terms of theatre, art, community groups and, that bastion of British culture—pubs.

You cannot call yourself a student in Britain unless you regularly go to the pub!


British Countryside and British Towns are Beautiful

When choosing a location to study you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. You want to be in a place that has nice scenery. You want to live in a town that has beautiful views and is an attractive place to live.

You want to live somewhere that is conducive to studying and a good studying environment.

In the UK there are dozens of beautiful towns and cities for you to choose from. Many British towns have a real ‘old world’ look and feel about them and this makes for a very comfortable place to spend three years studying.

And another thing you should know — the British countryside is spectacular. And it is often just a short journey from the town you are in.


Close to Europe

Why go all the way to the UK and not visit anywhere in Europe? That would just be a crime.

England is literally on the doorstep of Europe. You can get to Paris in a matter of hours by the channel tunnel train.

There are ferries from many ports in the UK to France, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark—and further afield Norway and Sweden.

Yes, the UK has a rich and unique culture but so do all the other countries listed above. And they are only a few hours away each time.

While living in the UK you could enjoy a trip to any one of these places and see what a fascinating place Europe can be.


Useful Websites

If you are looking for further information about studying in the UK, then you have to look at these two websites.

Go here to find further information about studying in the UK and information about the IELTS test.

And go here if you want to apply to a university in the UK.



Yes, choosing a country to spend three years studying is a tough decision.

But it can be made all the easier when you weigh up two important things — the cost and the value.

The UK offers both.

Because of shorter studying time, you will find the UK a cheaper option.

But it also offers a wide range of institutions and courses at a calibre that cannot be matched elsewhere.

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