Top 10 Best Online Learning Resources for Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Those who have never tried teaching don’t know how hard it can be. Sure, it looks like a piece of cake for those who complain about how teachers are only used to follow the curriculum and involve no creativity in their daily routines. Well, the truth is that being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and being a teacher during a pandemic is even harder. The coronavirus outbreak has had the educational institutions from all over the world locked up at homes, and those are the teachers who keep educating youths regardless of all the odds.

While college students are easier to handle and keep them discipline while teaching online, the task of tutoring kids with the help of the Internet technologies is a tall order. Thus, having realized how hard teachers might find it to deal with their noble mission during the quarantine, we have decided to come up with a selection of the best online learning resources for kids during the coronavirus outbreak. These tools might be of great help when it comes to teaching children English and other disciplines.


Let us start from the basics and talk about a web platform that is deemed by teachers as one of the best websites for self-education. Here, children and their parents might find a top-notch selection of teacher-crafted courses, materials, and interactive learning activities that focus on boosting the child’s understanding of the discipline. This free resource is quite abundant in courses that will help parents teach their children English, along with other exciting things.

2. Reading Eggs

One of the pivotal language-knowledge competencies is reading, and it is actually one of the starting points for children. They start from learning the alphabet, and then, they use letters to put words together. Reading Eggs is an online platform that includes a lot of assistive technology tools that help everybody eager to learn to deal with the task.

3. ABC Mouse

Now, let us move to the giants of the industry and talk about ABC Mouse – one of the world’s most popular online learning platforms for those who want their children to be fluent in English. It is believed that the sooner a person starts learning a language, the easier it gets for them to become proficient in this domain eventually. The website holds a great many courses in other disciplines and can be classified as nothing else but a comprehensive online learning platform.

4. Learning Games for Kids

Just type in the name of this website – – and you will plunge yourself into the world of teaching mastery. Every educator knows that there is no better way to engage a child in the learning process than to use a game. This website is a Klondike of educative online games that would become a perfect choice for you and your students or your children during the pandemic.

5. LightSail

If you want your students to keep up with the tempo of the learning process, make sure that you use LightSail, especially when it comes to teaching English. This e-reading software has been developed for the teachers who practice assigning their students with individual reading programs. As it has been already mentioned, reading is extremely important in terms of learning a language, and having an individually gauged reading plan is exactly what a young learner needs.

6. Social Media

Yes, this is not a typo and not a paragraph from another article. Just like reading, learning to write is essential to language learners. Social media effects on writing and overall linguistic skills of students have been studied for a long time. Therefore, if those are at least the middle school students that you are working with, consider creating online chats between them and encourage practice their written dialogue skills.

7. KiWiCo

If you have a couple of little daredevils in your class, you cannot follow the general program and want to learn what is attractive to them personally, KiWiCo is the platform that you have to try. Using this website, you can create a study program yourself. That is, you can simply offer a student to pick the way for learning. There is a great variety of free resources to use in your educational endeavors that will help you build the best online study programs possible.

8. Homer

If you are working with kids aged between 2-8, there is no better website that you can use for teaching them. Homer is an educational platform that lets you create personalized learning itinerary for every student, and this program will surely bring a lot of fun. This is one of the best software options for interactive learning that will keep even the most disobedient kids interested in the process.

9. Funbrain

Staying home with children during the quarantine might turn out to be quite a challenge, especially for parents who have to pay a lot of attention to their professional schedule. Funbrain can help you with that. While being not that proper in terms of the structure and courses provided, this platform is a wonderful solution if you are looking for a general educational and developmental website to keep your children engaged while in the lockdown.


The creators of the legendary Sesame Street and the Magic School Bus have joined their forces in order to create an ultimate learning platform for children who have to study online. The website can be used as an educational tool by children, their parents, and teachers. It offers a perfect mix of fun and knowledge, and your kids are surely going to like it.


Online teaching, as well as online learning, is not that easy as it might seem at first sight. It is a challenging task that requires an immense input of perseverance, desire, motivation, and discipline. Still, the neoteric technologies are nowadays making this process easier and even more captivating. Hopefully, you will use some of the online learning resources for kids in your practice, and they will help your students or your children improve their knowledge significantly.

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