The Pros and Cons of Studying in New Zealand

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Before you ever set foot in a classroom, students must first address the all-important question of exactly where to study. When it comes to where young people are flocking to, a number of interesting destinations have been experiencing rising popularity in recent years. The island nation of New Zealand is among these exciting destinations.

For students both from New Zealand and abroad, the country serves as a diverse and exciting place to study. From life on campus to the world beyond the classroom—here are the top pros and cons of studying in New Zealand.

Pro: Highly rated schools


First things first, one pro of studying in New Zealand is receiving a high quality of education. All eight of the universities to choose from in New Zealand consistently rank highly in the major university rankings, conducted by QS and Times Higher Education.

These rankings are put together based on several factors, such as the reputation of professors, staff to student ratios, and access to educational resources. The consistent high ranking of New Zealand’s educational institutions is an indication of the high quality of education those studying there can expect. To find the exact right school for you, it’s crucial to do personal research and make sure to talk to those around you about your decision.

Pro: Research Opportunities


Influenced by the UK higher education system, universities in New Zealand emphasize the importance of research and innovation within education. Students are encouraged to delve deep into their subject and, with every assignment, help expand their chosen field. While the focus on research may sound a tad daunting at first, the present-day ease of accessing assignment help online will be sure to have you a master of research projects in no time. The high level of academic research means that students are guaranteed a deep understanding of their subject and impress potential employers both in New Zealand and abroad.

Pro: English-Speaking Population


New Zealand is one of the select few countries where students can speak English inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Thanks to this, students not only improve their abilities when it comes to academic English but also their general speaking abilities. This is a major pro of studying in New Zealand, and speaking English on the streets provides students with assignment help in NZ without any extra effort! This is a major advantage, as English is the most important language for working in a global context.

Pro: Natural Beauty


It would be impossible to have any discussion of New Zealand without taking a moment to point out its incredible natural beauty. The islands of New Zealand are home to an incredibly diverse set of landscapes and nature. Mountains, lakes, valleys, and beaches—New Zealand truly has it all. Students can make the most out of their free time by exploring these beautiful, rugged landscapes. Hiking, swimming, and road trips are some of the most common pastimes that students in New Zealand get to enjoy. And while not the sunniest place in the world, New Zealand also enjoys a very temperate climate that is enjoyable all year round.

Pro: Friendly Locals


New Zealand is known around the world for the friendly, laid-back attitude of the local people. Studying in New Zealand is a guaranteed way to surround yourself with helpful peers – making group assignments in college a much more pleasant experience. The easy-going nature of Kiwis makes it a very easy place to maintain a fun and relaxing social life. School, sports clubs, bars, and events all make for great opportunities to practice chatting and build your confidence while growing a lifelong network of friendly New Zealanders!

Con: Tuition Fees


Like most places in the world, the university is not something that comes for free in New Zealand. Tuition fees range from about $15k-$20k per year, which is a price that many students may struggle to cover without assistance. While this price tag may seem pretty hefty, there are many opportunities for assistance with fees, and students can make the most of university scholarship opportunities.

Con: Housing


New Zealand is not known for having an abundance of housing opportunities. In popular areas, this can lead to a significant increase in the cost of finding suitable housing. Luckily, students can avail of housing homework help in New Zealand through their universities, who often have on-campus living quarters or can help arrange student accommodation. Students can also make the most of social media and turn to the many forums and groups that offer help with finding a housing assignment help online.

Con: Distance from Other Places


While New Zealand is blessed with stunning landscapes and nature, its remote geographic location can be a con for some. The journey to and from most other places is usually a long and often expensive process. This means that imported goods are often pretty expensive, so international students may end up paying a high price for their home comforts.

New Zealand’s remote location can lead to students who study in New Zealand rarely going abroad. However, the positive side to this is that New Zealand’s diversity means that students don’t have to go abroad to have endless opportunities for exploration!

These are just a few of the pros and cons of living the student life in New Zealand. With its high quality of education, diverse nature, and friendly people, the Kiwi island nation makes for a study destination that is attractive as it is unique!

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