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Modern dating is a very complex situation. Many people use dating apps to help find the perfect date. What do you think of these kind of apps?

In this lesson plan, your students can talk about the topic of dating. But this is dating with a difference…

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What is dating like in your country and culture?

What makes the perfect date?

Do people use dating apps in your country?


The Perfect Date


Read Jason’s account of his strange date below:

I use a dating app called More Than Friends.

This is a dating app for people who want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. They are not just looking for new friends.

The thing is – it’s a little difficult for me to find a girlfriend because of my special requirement. You see, I’m a furry.

Furries are people that like to dress up as animals.

Of course, furries can date anyone they like. But some furries only like to date other furries. I am not like either of these. I am a furry that would like to have a relationship with someone that is not a furry – but would like to have a lover who is a furry.

I hope that makes sense…

For me, I like to dress up as a dog. I have an outfit that I kind of made myself. I bought separate parts and just assembled them all together.

And then I pretend to be a dog.

I had a few regular dates with girls but I could never mention that I was a furry. I know that it is a bit kinky so I kept it quiet with the girls that I met.

But one time I met this girl and I thought we were getting on really well. We had been going out together for several weeks and she had told me quite a few personal things about her life. I thought she was great and I felt like I could trust her.

Another thing that I really liked about her was that she loved dogs. Whenever we were walking around outside and we came across someone walking a dog she would stop to pet the dog.

“I love dogs,” she said to me. Well, you can imagine how excited I was. I thought this was my one chance. I thought maybe she was trying to send me a signal.

So one night I invited her to my place. I made a special dinner and then we sat on the sofa to watch TV. We were talking about dogs and I tried to see how she really felt about them.

She said that she had always wanted a dog of her own and would love to have one in her life.

That’s when I said to her: Wait here. I have a surprise for you.

The look on her face told me everything I needed to know. I really thought we had a special connection.

I left the room and rushed into my bedroom. I took my normal clothes off and threw them on the floor. My heart was beating fast and I felt breathless.

Then I changed into my furry outfit. I dressed up a dog. Not any dog. Her dog. Her special little puppy.

I made sure that I looked just right. I checked my appearance in the mirror. My doggy ears were fluffy and pointing up, my tail was long and swishing around from left to right.

My body, arms and legs were covered in the fake fur of my dog costume. I looked fantastic!

I opened the door of my bedroom and got down on my hands and knees.

Then I gave out a playful little bark — Woof woof!

I barked a little louder to get her attention — WOOF WOOF!

On all fours, I got to the living room and pushed the door open.

I bounded in like I was chasing after a ball.

Woof woof! I barked. Bow wow!

In a voice like a dog, I said: Here I come! Stroke me! Play with me!

I looked up into her face and my heart stopped.

She gazed back at me in complete horror. Her mouth was open and her eyes staring at me like I was insane.

I stopped jumping around on my hands and knees and looked back at her.

In my normal voice, I said: I thought you liked dogs. You said you liked dogs.

She didn’t say a word. She just grabbed her coat and rushed out the door.

I followed her and watched as she ran into the street and disappeared.

That was the last I saw of her.


Reading Comprehension Questions


What dating app does Jason use?

How does this dating app help people?

How does Jason describe himself? What is this?

What are Jason’s dating requirements? What kind of person is he looking for?

What animal does Jason like to dress up as?

Has Jason had other dates before?

How long had Jason been dating the girl in his story?

How does she feel about dogs?

How does Jason know the girl likes/dislikes dogs?

Where did Jason invite her?

What two things did they do at the beginning of the date?

What did the girl tell Jason about dogs?

Why did he leave the room?

What did he do in his bedroom?

Was he excited before he left the bedroom? Why?

How did Jason move back to the living room?

What noise did he make?

What did he say to the girl when he went into the living room?

How did the girl react?

What did Jason say next to her?

What did she do?

Did Jason see her again?


Essential Vocabulary


dating app



dress up as



to make sense








kept it quiet

to get on well

to go out together



to pet (someone’s) dog




my place




to rush













woof woof



bow wow



complete horror






Write down all the words and phrases in your vocabulary notebook. Look in your dictionary and find the meaning of each word. Write the definition next to each word.

Then make up your own sentences using each word or phrase.

For example:

Notebooka small book with pages of blank paper that students use to make notes when studying.

I left my notebook at home so I was unable to make any notes in my English class.”


Discussion Questions


What do you make of Jason’s lifestyle?

Does furry culture exist in your country?

Should people be allowed to dress up as animals? Why/why not?

What do you think of Jason’s method of finding a girlfriend?

Do you think he can find a girlfriend?

What do you think of dating apps?

Do you have dating apps in your country?

Have you ever used a dating app? Did you find someone you liked?

Maybe Jason should have used a special dating app for furries. What do you think?

Do you think it is possible for everyone to find true love? Why/why not?

Have you ever been on a strange date? Can you talk about it?

What do you consider to be the perfect date?

If you encountered someone like Jason on a date, what would you think of him?


Make a Dating App


Get into groups of around four students.

In your group, you are going to think of ideas for a new dating app. This dating app will be used exclusively by people in your country and culture.

You should think of all the reasons why people should come to your dating app.

What makes your dating app special?

Think of a name for your dating app and the kind of customers that would use it regularly.

When you are ready, make a short presentation of your dating app to the class.


Debate: Cancel All Dating Apps!


This is a debate activity.

Divide the class into two groups of equal number. You should also choose a chairperson to chair the debate – this person should keep order and make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak.

These are the conditions of the debate:

Team A

You are opposed to dating apps in your country. You think they encourage loose morals and make dating seem like a past-time for young people. You think dating is very serious and should only lead to marriage.

You need to convince the opposing team that dating apps are wrong and should be banned.

Team B

You think there is no problem with dating apps.

You believe that dating is very healthy and as such using a dating app just makes it more convenient.

Any ideas that Team A has you regard as old-fashioned. You must convince them that dating apps should be allowed to continue in your country.


In your teams, take time to prepare. Think of your line of arguments and how to express yourself.

When you are ready, begin the debate!


The Perfect Place for a Date


This is a class activity for discussion.

Take a look at all the date locations in the table below. Give your opinions about these places and say why they are a good place for a date – or not.

the beach

a stroll in the park

a movie at the cinema

a coffee shop

a restaurant for dinner

a day at the zoo

an evening in the pub or bar

going to an art gallery

a walk in the forest

One by one, go through all the options and say why you think each location is ideal for a date or not.

Try to give reasons for your answers.

Can you think of any other great locations for a date in your culture?

In your country, where do people usually go on a date?


Role Play


This is a role play activity.

There are two characters in this role play.


Character A

You are Jason in the story at the beginning of the lesson.

You are on a date with a girl you really like. You are in a very quiet coffee shop.

You believe now is the right time to tell the girl that you are a furry – and you like to dress up as a dog.

Be very careful how you introduce your life as a furry!

You don’t want the girl to become alarmed and run out the coffee shop. You want her to consider your lifestyle and stay with you.


Character B

You are on a date with a young man called Jason.

You like Jason very much and you think he is a really great guy. He is good-looking, smart and he makes you laugh.

He has asked you to meet him for coffee because he has some important news for you.

Listen to what he says and then react to his news.


Take some time to prepare your role play. When you are ready, show the class.




You are Jason in the story at the beginning of the lesson.

Write a letter to the girl that he invited to his home. Let’s say her name is Jane.

You should write to Jane and apologise for upsetting her. But then also tell her that you have very strong feelings for her. And you would dearly love to see her again.

Ask her if she can reconsider her feelings and make another date with you. You should promise that you will keep your furry life hidden. You will not dress up as a dog again in front of her.

Your letter should be sincere and heartfelt.

When you have finished writing your letter, you can read it out in front of the class. Or show it to your teacher for review.



What did your students think of this lesson plan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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