Teenagers these Days are Just Crazy! — a Talking Points lesson plan for English reading and speaking

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This lesson deals with the subject of teenagers – a topic that would be great for any class of teenagers or adults alike. Both would find much to say based on the topics covered in this lesson below.

Please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below!



Describe the average teenager in your country.

Tell the class about their lifestyle and habits.

What were you like as a teenager?


Teenage Life

Discuss some of the topics below related to teenagers and teenagers lives


drinking alcohol


online porn



trouble with authority

teenage pregnancy


riding motorbikes

arguing with parents

refusing to do homework

trouble at school

using social media


smartphone addiction

inappropriate clothing

wearing make-up


money issues

Go through all the points above and discuss in the class.

  • Do teenagers do any of these things in your country?
  • What about your parents when they were teenagers?
  • What things will teenagers do in the future? The same as now or different? Why?


Question Time

  1. Do you think teenagers today should show more respect for adults? (teachers, parents etc)
  2. What type of punishment did your parents use when you were a teenager?
  3. At what age should teenagers leave home?
  4. What would you do if your teenage son or daughter got a tattoo?
  5. Do you think teenagers today have it ‘too easy’?
  6. Do teenagers in your former country have problems with drugs or alcohol?
  7. Is teenage suicide a problem?
  8. What is the most important thing a parent can do for a teenager?
  9. At what age should a teenage girl have her first serious boyfriend? Boys?
  10. Should teenagers work? Why or why not?
  11. If you could be a teenager again, would you do anything differently?
  12. Do you know any good role models for teenagers?
  13. What do teenagers think about?


Teacher’s Notes

First, talk about your own life as a teenager.

Were you perfect? Or a complete nightmare?

Introduce things you did that caused arguments with your parents. Did you get into any trouble at school because of any antics?

Then you could move on to the teenagers you knew that got into real trouble. Talk a little about the things they did and what might have been the cause of this behaviour.

Next, write some of the words or phrases from the list above on the board. Go through them one by one and talk about these teenage issues in your own country.

Ask the students if these issues exist with teenagers in their own country.

Some of the items above are fairly extreme. Depending on where you are teaching this, it may bode well to exclude certain issues — teenage pregnancy, drugs, online porn, sex.

But if they are all adults, they may welcome a more challenging topic to talk about.

Were you able to make use of this lesson in your class? How did it go?
I would love to know. Please tell me in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Teenagers these Days are Just Crazy! — a Talking Points lesson plan for English reading and speaking”

  1. This is a good topic for a conversation class and had small writing activities that can be explored and developed. Topics for conversation or reading classes are very important because the more students can relate to the topic the better the motivation.

    1. Thank you, Leona. That is good to hear. I like to create these kinds of lessons. I just think if I have enough interest in it, then the students are likely to have interest too. Nothing worse than the teacher being bored with the lesson plan!

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