Talking About Social Media in English: 14 Words You Must Know!

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In this guide, I want to show you 14 Words You Must Know when Talking About Social Media in English.

I think we can all agree that social media is here to stay and has become an essential part of our lives.

There can’t be many people that do not use one form of social media or another, be it Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.

We use social media to share and communicate our ideas and opinions, to find out and learn about things, and to increase our circle of friends or people we know.

Everyone uses social media.

From very young people sharing videos to large companies telling the masses about a new product or service they can buy.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive right in…

Talking About Social Media in English 14 Words You Must Know post




The word post is used when talking about sharing a piece of content on social media.

The content could be in the form of a piece of text, a picture, or a video.

We can use post as a noun or a verb.


Using Post in a Sentence


Look at the sentences below.

These are some ways that you can use the word post in a sentence when talking about social media.

Practice them yourself by speaking each sentence out loud.


I went on holiday to Thailand and posted some pictures of my time there on Instagram.


I wrote a text post on Facebook about my thoughts on this book I read.


I posted a video of my new dance moves on YouTube.


I added a caption to the photo that I posted to describe the beautiful sunset I saw last weekend.


Jane got so many likes on her post because it was very funny.


I received a lot of positive comments on my recent post about cleaning the beach.


Can I share your post on Twitter?


I’m going to reshare this interesting post with all my followers — I agree with everything you said.


I’m going to post a picture of my lunch on WeChat.


Did you see Sarah’s latest post on Facebook? It was hilarious!


I need to come up with a clever response to this post on Twitter.


I’m going to post a status update on LinkedIn about my new job.


Have you posted any vacation photos on your Snapchat story yet?


I can’t believe how many likes and comments I got on my last post!


Now You Try!


Think of sentences of your own using the word post. Try to use the word as a noun and a verb.

Write down all your sentences in your notebook.




The word share means that you resend or repost other people’s texts, videos or pictures with your own followers.

Sometimes you might see the word written as reshare or reshared. Essentially, this means the same as share. Or we could say that it means to share again.

Share can only be used as a verb.


Using Share in a Sentence


And below are some ways that people might use the word share in sentences.

Practice them yourself by saying each sentence out loud while looking in a mirror.


I often share funny memes from my friends on my social media profile.


He forwarded the video to his group chat to share it with his friends.


The article went viral after it was reshared by a popular influencer.


I like to engage with my followers by sharing interesting content and starting conversations.


I discovered a great recipe on a food blog and shared it with my followers.


I’m going to reshare this amazing artwork to spread awareness of this new artist’s amazing talent.


Hey, could you share my latest post on Facebook? I want to reach a wider audience.


I just saw the most hilarious meme. I can’t wait to share it with my friends on Instagram.


I stumbled upon an interesting article. I’ll share the link on Twitter so others can read it too.


Did you see that funny puppy video? It’s so cute, I have to share it on Snapchat!


I’m attending a charity event this weekend. I’ll definitely share some pictures on LinkedIn to promote the cause.


My friend created an awesome playlist on Spotify. I’ll share it with you so we can both enjoy the music.


Now You Try!


What kind of posts or pictures do you share with others on social media?

Think of some ways that you can use the word share to talk about things you share with others on your social media accounts.

Write down as many sentences as you can about yourself and sharing content on social media.

Then practice speaking all your sentences out loud.




We can use the word comment as a noun or a verb.

It means to add some remark or note about what you thought about someone’s post.

So maybe someone posts a picture of their new home. And you add a comment about it to tell them what you think of it.


Using Comment in a Sentence


Now let’s look at some sentences that people might say when using the word comment.

Take a look below.

Practice on your own by speaking out loud!


I posted a comment on her photo to compliment her great new outfit.


Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your perspective.


I will respond to your comment later, and share my thoughts.


Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.


The comments on that post sparked an interesting discussion.


I enjoyed reading the comments and reactions to the video about making wine.


I like to engage with others by leaving thoughtful comments.


Let’s keep the conversation respectful and constructive in the comments.


Can you clarify your comment? I’m not sure I understand what you mean…


I encourage you to participate and join the discussion in the comments below.


Now You Try!


Do you like to comment on other people’s posts on social media?

What do you like to discuss or talk about?




Very simply, this means that you like the comment or post that you have seen or read on the social media app.

Social media apps show this with a thumbs up or a heart or an arrow going up.

The word like in common English is a verb. But when using it in context with social media, it can be a noun too.

“I gave that video a like”.


Using Like in a Sentence


Now, let’s explore a few examples of sentences that people on social media may use when using the term like.

Check below.

Read each sentence out loud, and look in the mirror!


I always like my friend’s photos on Instagram to give her some support.


He received many likes on his post because it was very funny.


I double-tapped the photo to like it on the app.


Can you believe that video went viral and got thousands of likes?


She commented on my post to thank me for the like.


I got a notification that three people liked my recent status update on LinkedIn.


I’m following her because I always like her posts about travel.


The trending posts are always the ones with the most likes and comments.


Now You Try!


Do you add a like to many posts on your social media apps?

What kind of things do you like?

Think about the posts, pictures, or videos that you like on social media.

Write a few sentences down in your notebook and read them out loud.

Talking About Social Media in English 14 Words You Must Know follow






A follower is a person that subscribes or ‘follows’ another user’s account on social media. Then the app will send any new posts by that user to the follower.




The word follow is a verb used to describe the actions of the follower. It means that you wish to be kept up to date with any new posts by the user.




And following is a present tense verb to talk about the users that you follow.


Using Follower/Follow/Following in a Sentence


Next, let’s look at several sentences that people commonly say while using the above words.

Pay attention to the examples that I have given below.

And remember — Speak loud! Look in a mirror!


Hey, could you follow me on Instagram? I just started a new photography account and would love to share my work with you.


I can’t believe my favourite celebrity followed me back on Twitter! It’s such a surreal feeling to have them in my feed.


If you want to stay updated with all the latest fashion trends, make sure to follow this fashion blogger on TikTok. She always has great style tips!


I’ve been following this motivational speaker on LinkedIn, and their posts have been incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend following them if you need a dose of motivation.


Do you follow any influencers on YouTube? There’s this amazing travel vlogger whose adventures are so captivating. You should definitely check out their channel!


I’m so grateful for all my followers on social media. Their support and engagement mean the world to me.


She has gained thousands of followers on Instagram because of her stunning photography skills and unique editing style.


It’s important to engage with your followers by responding to their comments and messages. Building a strong connection with your audience is key to success on social media.


Now You Try!


Do you follow anyone on social media?

Do people follow you? How many followers do you have?

Think about who you follow on social media. Or the kind of topics that interest you and you follow.

Using your notebook, write down some sentences about this.




A caption is a short piece of text below a picture, photograph or video to provide more context.

The person posting the picture or video can add more information in the caption.

The user may add a hashtag (see next word section) in the caption.


Using Caption in a Sentence


Let’s now take a closer look at some sentences that people commonly use when using the word caption.

Below are some examples.

Practice on your own by speaking out loud!


I spent a lot of time trying to think of the best caption to put under my picture of me and Sally in New York on Instagram.


Julia added the meme to her Facebook profile, but couldn’t think of the right caption to add. Then her sister, Marie, has a suggestion. Now it has hundreds of views!


Many influencers add captions that don’t really feel very sincere or honest. I find them hard to believe.


Every time I add my holiday pictures, I can never seem to think of the right captions to add. I want to make witty and funny remarks but I can’t really think of the right thing to say.


Gary came up with the hashtag #garylovesdogs and now he adds this in his captions every time he posts a picture of one of his dogs.


Now You Try!


Imagine you are posting a picture or video of something on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

Maybe a delicious lunch you ate with friends.

Or a hike up a big mountain near your hometown.

What kind of captions can you put under the picture?

What hashtags (#) can you add after the caption?

Talking About Social Media in English 14 Words You Must Know hashtag




A hashtag looks like this — #.

It is used to put the users’ content — their posts, pictures and videos — into categories. This makes it easier for people to find.

So, for example, I could have the hashtag #manwrites and then other people could find all my related content on social media.


Using Hashtag in a Sentence


Let’s look at some various sentences that people frequently use when using the term hashtag.

Please review the examples below.

Give your speaking skills a real boost by practising speaking out loud on your own!


I love how hashtags make it easier to discover new content and connect with like-minded people on social media.


Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags in your posts to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.


Using trending hashtags can help your post gain more exposure and can potentially go viral.


Hashtags allow us to join conversations and participate in online movements, raising awareness about important issues.


I always follow specific hashtags to stay updated on topics I’m passionate about and engage with the community.


Let’s create a unique hashtag for our event, so attendees can share their experiences and memories on social media.


Now You Try!


When you add content to your favourite social media apps, what hashtags do you use?

Why do you use these tags?

Are there any tags that you follow?

Write down full-sentence answers to each of the above questions. You might need two or three sentences for each question.

When you have finished writing your answers down, read them out loud.




An image or photograph with text, often funny, that people like to share on social media.


Using Meme in a Sentence


Now, let’s look at a few sentences that people might use when using the word meme.

Practice the examples below.

Don’t forget to speak out loud!


Hey, have you seen that hilarious new meme with Donald Trump that’s going viral? It had me laughing so hard!


I can’t believe how quickly memes spread these days. It seems like there’s a new one every hour!


Did you see that meme James shared on Instagram? It perfectly sums up how I feel about Mondays.


I love some of the memes that we share in our Facebook group. But I thought the one Dan posted was inappropriate.


Now You Try!


Have you ever shared a meme?

What kind of memes can you remember seeing on social media recently?

Take a look at this meme generator:

Try making some memes of your own.

Send them to me if you wish!




A person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

Most influencers use videos to promote things. So platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are very popular with influencers.

In recent years, influencers may have gained a bad reputation…


Using Influencer in a Sentence


Let’s practice with the following sentences below.

These are common ways that people might use the word influencer.

Practice out loud and proud!


I follow this amazing fitness influencer on Instagram, and their workouts have really pushed me to get in shape.


Did you see the latest makeup tutorial by that famous beauty influencer? I can’t wait to try out the new techniques.


My cousin is a popular travel influencer, and she gets to explore the most stunning destinations around the world. I wish I could live that life!


I’m tired of seeing influencers promoting unrealistic beauty standards and making people feel inadequate.


Some influencers prioritize their own financial gain over providing genuine and helpful content to their followers.


Now You Try!


Do you follow any influencers on social media?

What do you think of these influencers?

Do you think influencers have a bad reputation today? If so, why?

Write down all your thoughts in full sentences.

Now practice by speaking all of your sentences out loud.




Trending means to become popular or fashionable at that precise moment in time.

A trending topic refers to a subject that witnesses a sudden surge in popularity on one or more social media platforms, capturing the attention of users for a brief period.


Using Trending in a Sentence


In this section, we will look at some ways that people might say when using the word trending.

Take a look below.

Remember: Practice makes perfect!


Hey, have you seen that new viral video? It’s trending all over TikTok!


I can’t believe how quickly the hashtag about global warming is trending. Everyone seems to be talking about it!


Did you catch the latest tweet from that celebrity? It’s already trending with thousands of retweets.


I’m so excited! My post just went viral, and it’s currently trending on Instagram.


Have you checked out the trending topics on TikTok? Some hilarious challenges are going on right now!


Now You Try!


What topics are trending right now on your social media platforms?

What hashtags are suddenly seeing a lot of views?

Think about these topics and write a few sentences in your notebook.

Then practice all of them by speaking out loud.

Talking About Social Media in English 14 Words You Must Know content




Content means anything that the user puts onto the social media platform. It could be a post, a picture, a photograph or a video.

All of this is collectively called content.

You might hear social media users talking about their content and how much they post online.


Using Content in a Sentence


Please look below and check all the example sentences below.

Practice out loud. This will improve your confidence in speaking!


I am always trying to create great new content for my followers.


This dog channel on YouTube has such useful advice for dog owners.


I need to write much more content for my LinkedIn profile. I think I could attract some more clients that way.


The BBC has some really interesting content on their Twitter feed.


I’m so tired of seeing other people copying old content. Why can’t they come up with something new?


Now You Try!


What kind of content do you like to see on social media?

What kind of content do you hate to see?

Do you create any content yourself?

If so, what it is about?


Take some time and think about things you can say about content and the questions above.

Now write your sentences down in your notebook.

Practice them all by speaking out loud.

Talking About Social Media in English 14 Words You Must Know subscribe




The word subscribe means that you wish to receive new posts, pictures or videos from the user on the social media platform you are using.

You will then be informed and sent a link to new posts, pictures, or videos.


Using Subscribe in a Sentence


I urge you to check out the sentences down below. And practice all of them out loud.

Big loud voice!


Hey, have you subscribed to my YouTube channel? I just uploaded a new video!


I love this new influencer on Instagram. Their content is amazing. I definitely need to subscribe to their feed.


If you want to stay connected with the latest news and trends, you should subscribe to our Twitter account.


Social media influencers and people who post a lot of content on different platforms often encourage users to subscribe to their content.

They might say things like:


Subscribe below to get more of my great content!


Don’t forget to subscribe and you won’t miss any of my new content!


Now You Try!


Do you subscribe to any channels on YouTube?

Do you subscribe to any influencers on social media?


Now, I would like you to think about what users and channels you subscribe to on different social media applications.

Gather your thoughts and, when you are ready, write down a few sentences using the word subscribe.

And then — of course — practice them by speaking out loud and clear.




The word vlogger is a variation of the word blogger. While a blogger writes and publishes written content on a social media platform such as LinkedIn or Facebook or their own blog, a vlogger publishes video content on YouTube or TikTok.

The v in vlogger is for video.


Using Vlogger in a Sentence


Now try to review all the sentences below using the word vlogger.

And rememberspeak out loud.

Look in a mirror too!


I’ve been following this popular vlogger on YouTube, and their content is always entertaining and informative.


Did you see that vlogger’s latest video? It went viral on Instagram within hours!


Being a vlogger requires a lot of dedication, and creativity to keep your audience engaged.


I love how vloggers share their personal experiences and insights on YouTube.


Vloggers have become influential figures in the social media landscape, shaping trends and influencing consumer behaviour.


I aspire to be a successful vlogger one day and connect with a global audience through my videos.


Now You Try!


Do you follow any popular vloggers?

What kind of content do you like from vloggers?

Are you a vlogger? What kind of videos do you make?

Would you like to be a vlogger? What kind of content would you make?


Have a think for a little while about the questions above. Also, think about vloggers and vlogging in general.

Now take your notebook and pen and write a few sentences down about vloggers.

Don’t forget to read all your sentences out loud.

Go Viral



The phrase go viral means that a post, picture or video has suddenly gained thousands — or millions — of views.

If the post has gone viral, then usually most people that follow that kind of content will know about it.

The phrase is taken from the word virus — so the post literally spreads like a virus!




The phrase go viral uses the verb to go.

So you will see this verb in different tenses and forms.

Such as;

  • To go viral
  • Go viral
  • To have gone viral
  • Went viral
  • Going viral


Using Go Viral in a Sentence


Take a close look at the examples I have placed below. Try to practice regularly by speaking out loud.


I hope this video of my dog doing tricks goes viral on YouTube. He’s so adorable!


Wow, your post about the concert last night really went viral. Everyone’s talking about it!


Did you hear? That funny meme you shared went viral overnight. It’s everywhere!


I never expected my DIY tutorial to go viral on Instagram. It’s been shared thousands of times!


My friend’s TikTok dance video went viral, and now she has thousands of followers.


When my tweet criticizing the government policies went viral, it sparked a huge debate on Twitter.


Now You Try!


Have you seen any videos that have gone viral?

Have you seen any other things on social media that have gone viral? Posts, stories, pictures, photographs?

Why do these kinds of things go viral?


Now think about things you have seen on social media that have gone viral.

What was the thing you saw?

And why do you think it went viral?


Collect your thoughts and think of ways to talk about all these questions.

Now write down a few sentences in your notebook.

And of course…

Speak them all out loud!


I hope this was useful for you!

Remember: the key thing to do is to practice regularly.

Try making your own sentences for all the words above. The more you do this, the more you will remember the word and how to use it correctly.

Feel free to send me any of your sentences. I am happy to check your work.

Keep studying!

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