These are some of the articles I have written for professional organisations in the world of ESL. Click on the screenshots or the links to get to the article.


An article about the importance of ‘Raising the Stakes’ when using story to sell your product or service.


An article I wrote about the art of storytelling in the corporate world and how to use the literary technique of Show Don’t Tell.

An article that explains how reading can improve a student’s range of English vocabulary.


An introduction of a new app – SuperClass. And the effect it may have on the Online ESL Teaching industry.

SuperClass App

I write about the situations and possible dangers that ESL teachers may find themselves in while working abroad.

Risks of Being an ESL Teacher Abroad

This is a short guide to help English students boost their confidence in speaking English.

Build Superhuman Confidence in Speaking English

English Club – June 2019


In this article I question the validity of the IELTS test and its cost.

The Gaming of the IELTS Test

I map out some great methods to help teach collocations. In my opinion, a fantastic way to help students broaden their vocabulary.

A Sure-Fire Way to Teach Collocations

An article about Chinese students studying in the West and their safety and welfare.

The Welfare of Chinese Students in Western Education

I wrote a short guide on how to be an English tutor while studying at college.

Become an English Tutor