How To Talk About The Summer In English

How To Talk About The Summer In English


Welcome to my essential guide on how to talk about the summer in English.

In this guide, I want to introduce all the useful words and phrases you will need when talking about the summer.

I will go over the following topics about the summer and the words and phrases within. I will also give you some example sentences that you can use for each topic.

We shall look at:

  • what is the summer and what time of year?
  • the weather
  • the food
  • clothes people wear in the summer
  • summer activities
  • going to the beach
  • summer idioms and phrases
  • things people say when talking about the summer


And I will give you some sentences that you can practice by yourself or with others to help you talk about the summer more freely.

Are you ready?

Let’s get into it!

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How To Describe The Summer In English

Let’s start by trying to describe summer.


What is summer?

When is summer?

What do people eat?

What do they do?

Or wear?


We are going to look at these things in closer detail, but let’s begin by looking at some general terms.


Basic Terms To Describe The Summer



What Is Summer?


Summer is the hottest season of the year.

It is generally associated with long hot days and blue skies.

Schools are usually closed during the summer and people often have the desire to travel and go on holiday during this time.

Many people in the world associate the summer with things like ice cream and going to the beach.


When Is Summer?


In most countries in the Northern Hemisphere, summer takes place during June, July and August.

In the Southern Hemisphere, summer takes place between December, January and February.

Of course, depending on where the country is and its location in the world, the summer season may begin and end at different times.


What Do People Eat?


As it is hot, many people choose to drink cold drinks.

And they may prefer to eat cold dishes, such as a salad.

Fruit is often in season, so people can eat all kinds of fruit in the summer.


What Do People Do?


They often wish to travel and go on holiday.

But because the weather is good, they may wish to spend much of their time outside.


What Clothes Do People Wear?


Because it is hot, people like to wear comfortable or loose clothing.

Shorts are very popular, as are T-shirts and summer dresses.

People may wear sandals on their feet.




Before we move on to the next part, try to answer these questions by yourself.

  • What is summer?
  • When is summer?
  • What do people eat?
  • What do they do?
  • Or wear?

The Weather In The Summer

One of the biggest factors of the summer is the weather.

It is usually hot or at least very warm. And the sun is often shining, and the sky is blue.

Gone are the short cold days of winter…

Let’s look in more detail at the weather during the summer.

Positive Things People Say About The Weather In The Summer

These are some very common terms and expressions that people might use when talking positively about the weather in the summer.


Practice the following sentences out loud!


It’s gorgeous today!


What a perfect day.


It’s so beautiful today.


It’s a really lovely day.


The weather has been perfect this week.


I can’t believe how lovely the weather has been recently.


It’s nice to see the sun out!


Lots of sun today.


There’s not a cloud in the sky.


The sky is totally blue — how lovely!


Nice to have a cool breeze coming through.


Really fresh air this morning.


The fresh air is nice this morning.


Describing The Heat

Of course, one of the most significant things about the summer weather is the heat.

Let’s look at some expressions to describe the heat and the hot weather.


Boiling hot


Oh my god, it’s boiling hot today…




Wow, it’s scorching today!




I can’t bear this weather, it’s sweltering.




This heat is stifling.




Phew, it’s roasting today.




A heatwave is an extended period in the summer of very hot weather.


What do you think of this heatwave?


The weather says we are going to have a heatwave.




This is where a person can get sick from being outside in the hot sun for too long.


You have to be careful in this heat. It’s easy to get heatstroke.




Humidity is when there is a large amount of moisture in the air. Combined with the heat, it can make the weather very uncomfortable.


It’s humid.


It’s muggy.


It’s close.

Thanks for reading so far…

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Talking About The Heat And Yourself

When it’s hot, people often talk about the heat in relation to themselves and how hot it makes them feel.

Look at these examples below…


I’m hot/I’m really hot.

I’m sweating.

I’m dripping/I’m dripping in sweat.

I’m covered in sweat.


I’m drenched.


I can’t stand this heat…


This heat is killing me.


I’m literally melting.


I’m melting out here.


The Need To Cool Down

If you have access to an air conditioner or a fan, then this is a great way to cool down. Or even better if you have a pool.


Turn the air-con on. It’s boiling in here!


Put the AC on! It’s stifling!


Can we turn the fan on? I’m so hot in here…


I need to take a dip in the pool to cool down.


I might get in the pool to cool off.


I think I need a quick dip in the pool to cool down.


Cool off/cool down has the same meaning.


Getting A Tan

People often like to get a tan in the summer.

A tan is when people lie in the sun to turn their skin to a darker tone.

We can say tan or suntan — it has the same meaning.




Sunburn is when you catch too much sun, and your skin is burnt.

Often the skin turns a bright red colour and is painful to touch.


We went to the beach over the weekend but I got sunburn all over my shoulders.


Sunscreen, sunscreen lotion, suntan lotion, suntan oil


This is a special kind of cream or lotion you can put on your skin to protect yourself from the sun.


Don’t forget to put some sunscreen on. You must protect your skin.


You have any lotion? I need to put some on my neck.


I need to buy some sunscreen. Heading for the beach this week.

Summer Showers/Rain

Weather forecast: And be prepared for some summer showers next week. Looks like a heavy front coming in.

Long Days Of Summer

This is the thing I really like about the summer, these long days that go on forever.


That’s what I love about the summer. I wake up and the sun is already up and by the time I go to bed, the sun is just going down!

Talking About The Summer Weather

Look at the following extracts of people talking about the weather in the summer.

Practice reading these monologues out loud.


The more you do this, the more your English will improve!


The weather in the summer is just the best, isn’t it? I just love waking up and the day is already warm, and the sun is shining. Maybe a gentle breeze to make things a little more comfortable. It’s such a relief from the bitterly cold days of winter. And I have all the summer off, so I can just lounge around all day by the pool, taking in the sun and boosting my suntan. And on top of all that, we have the long summer evenings. Just perfect. I just wish the summer could go on forever.


Oh my god, I can’t stand it. This heat is unbearable. It’s so damn hot and humid, I feel like I am literally melting into a puddle by my feet. As soon as I step outside, I just feel like the sun is shining directly on my head. And don’t even get me started about the mosquitoes. I just feel like they are zooming in straight for my blood! Then there’s the constant sweating during the night. No, I don’t think so. Give me a nice, cosy winter any day. I prefer to be wrapped up in a blanket in front of a burning log fire.


To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine and the chance to be outside and with friends and family. That’s great. But on the other hand, I find the heat can be a bit too much at times. Especially for someone like me. I prefer cooler temperatures. On really hot days, I find myself constantly looking for shade and a bit of relief from the sun’s rays. But that said, there is something really wonderful about a summer rain shower. Just fantastic — especially if it is one of those really loud summer thunderstorms with lightning. Just nature’s way of cooling us all down and giving the ground a well-deserved drink of water.


Yeah, summer is alright, I suppose. It’s nice to finally get rid of the heavy coats and the boots and begin to wear more comfortable clothing. I do enjoy being able to go outside and have long walks without the fear of slipping on some ice or trudging through the snow. But sometimes the heat can be too much, can’t it? Especially for someone like me who works in an office. We don’t have any air conditioning and the inside of the building turns into a furnace in August. And forget sleeping at night. My bedroom turns into an oven during the summer. That said, overall, I prefer the summer to the winter any day.


The weather in the summer? Hmmm, I just think whatever. I’m not a big fan of the extreme heat, to be honest. Sure, it is nice to have longer days and wake up to bright sunlight in the morning. And it’s nice to hit the beach once in a while. But I could do without the humidity and the sunburn! And then there’s all the crowds that you have to deal with. Every person and their dog trying to make their way to the seaside. So the motorways are all bumper to bumper. Beaches packed with tourists… I much rather have the spring than the winter.

How to talk about the summer in English (3)

Summer Food

This section is about the kind of food we like to eat in the summer.

Let’s take a look at some summer food below.

Ice Cream

I’m going to order a large bowl of mint-choc chip ice cream. You want one?

Ice Lollies

Let’s get some ice lollies and sit by the pool.



Hey, let’s buy some watermelon. They are going pretty cheap.


I think the farm down the road is selling strawberries. Shall we buy some?


In this heat, I am absolutely craving a big bowl of fruit salad.

All I can eat in this weather is fresh salad. It’s the only thing that seems right.

Summer Tart

In the summer, my mum makes this great summer tart. You have to try it.

Cold Drinks

And of course, on hot summer days, people also want something cold and refreshing to drink.

Below are some popular summer drinks you can try!

Iced Tea

Would you like a nice glass of iced tea?


How about an ice-cold lemonade?


I drank a glass of lassi for breakfast this morning. Just right in the heat.


Eating Outside

During the summer, people love to eat outside. Especially in the evening, when the sun has set.


I love sitting in the garden and eating dinner. Isn’t it lovely?


It’s so nice to sit outside in front of the restaurant during the summer.

Talking About Food And Drink In The Summer

Below are three dialogues of people talking about eating and drinking in the summer.

Practice these dialogues with a friend or your classmate.


Remember to speak out loud — this will help you!


By The Pool


A: I’m really in the mood for something ice-cold and refreshing. Why don’t we grab some ice lollies and lounge by the pool?

B: Yes, that sounds perfect. And maybe some watermelon too. So juicy and hydrating on these hot days.

A: Totally. You can’t go wrong with watermelon. And then maybe some cool lemonade to wash it all down?

B: Now you’re talking. Sounds like the perfect thing to eat and drink by the pool.


Having A Picnic


A: I brought some ice cream for our picnic. The perfect food for a beautiful sunny day, don’t you think?

B: Oh, that’s great. Yes, I love ice cream. And I grabbed some strawberries from the farm just down the road on my way over. We can put those with the ice cream, can’t we?

A: fantastic! Strawberries and ice cream together. That sounds lovely. And how about some iced tea too? Wouldn’t that be nice to drink outside?

B: Sounds like a great plan. We can all sit and enjoy the food and the gorgeous weather. Great food and great company!


Dinner Alfresco


A: There’s nothing quite like dining outside during the summer, wouldn’t you agree?

B: Absolutely. It really adds a better sense of enjoyment to the whole experience. So what shall we order? I’m thinking of getting some fruit salad.

A: Sounds very nice. They do a wonderful peach tart here too.

B: Peach tart? That sounds wonderful. Let’s order.

How to talk about the summer in English (4)

Clothing In The Summer

The summer is usually very warm and oftentimes hot.

So wearing the right clothing is a must.

Now let’s look at the kind of clothes people like to wear in the summer.

Sunglasses /Shades

I can’t leave the house without my sunglasses, the sun is blinding today.


I literally live in these shorts in the summer. They are just perfect in this heat.

Vest Top

I love to wear vest tops in the middle of the summer. Makes me feel cool inside and out.

Sun Hat

If we’re going to the beach, you have to wear your sun hat. You must protect yourself from the sun.

Summer Dress

What do you think of this summer dress I bought for the picnic next week? Does it look nice?


The only thing I can wear on my feet is my sandals from June to the end of August.


Hey, don’t forget to bring your flip-flops when we go to the beach.

Bathing Suit

Which bathing suit shall I wear when we go swimming next week?


How does this bikini look? Do I look cool?

Talking About Summer Clothes

Look below and you will see three monologues of people talking about the kind of clothes they like to wear in the summer.

Read each one out loud to maximum volume!


I like to go for a relaxed look in the summer. I prefer to wear flowery summer dresses, short vest tops and a pair of sandals. I love the freedom these clothes give me, and the way the dresses flow in the breeze. I just feel I am getting close to nature by wearing these kinds of things. I like the earthy tones and the floral prints on these clothes, too. For accessories, I also wear a lot of bracelets, a big floppy hat made from bamboo leaves and a big pair of oversized sunglasses to complete the look. I like to wear these kind of things in the summer. It suits the vibe of the sun and hot weather.


Summer fashion? As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about efficiency and comfort. Give me a pair of well-worn shorts, a breathable cotton T-shirt and a pair of old flip-flops any day of the week. I am happy to wear those all summer long. And I like the functionality of my shorts. Lots of pockets so I can carry my keys, my phone, my cash and my wallet. Also, let’s not forget my baseball cap. I’ve had it for years and my wife says every summer that I should get a new one. But why? It works perfectly. Shields my eyes from the sun. I like to keep things simple. No fuss, no bother. Who needs lots of layers when I can move around in the heat freely and with total ease? The summer is too short anyway. I don’t want to waste time thinking about what to wear.


Ah yes, summer… The season of perfect sophistication. Linen blazers, tailored silk trousers and a crisp cotton button-down shirt are my summer staples. For me, it’s all about looking sharp, even if the temperature is soaring. I like to wear light fabrics and neutral tones. I think these give me the right amount of elegance and poise in the summer season. And let’s not forget footwear. I always wear my handmade loafers. These add a touch of refinement to my outfit. Summer garden parties or cocktails by the beach, I’m always dressed to impress. After all, style is timeless, no matter what the season.

How to talk about the summer in English (5)

Activities In The Summer

Because the sun is shining and the weather is warm and comfortable, people usually like to go outdoors to do things.

Let’s look at some popular summer activities now…

Going Outside

First, let’s go over some things people say about wanting to go outside in the summer.


It’s such a beautiful day — Let’s go outside!



We should go out and do something on a gorgeous day like this.



Let’s get out of the house. It’s too nice to stay inside all day.


Let’s get some fresh air while the sun is shining!


Let’s go for a walk.


Let’s take a walk.


Let’s go for/take a stroll.


Let’s go to the park and look at the flowers and plants.


I want to go to the park.


Why don’t we go outside and sit in the sun this afternoon?


I want to get some sun. Shall we go to the park?


I’m thinking of having a picnic in the garden this weekend.


It would be really nice to have a barbecue sometime this week.


The weather is perfect — let’s go out on our bikes somewhere!


I would love to go hiking this weekend. Let’s pack our backpacks and go.


I have to go for my morning run a little earlier now. It’s too hot later in the day.


Shall we book the outdoor tennis court later this week? It’s great weather to play tennis outside.


Let’s play basketball on the court in the park tonight.


We should play 5-aside football in the stadium soon. It’s nice and warm in the evenings now.


We’re going rock climbing this Saturday. You want to come with us?


I love to watch the sunset from my balcony in the evening in the summer evenings.

Summer Sports

In the summer, people often like to play sports outside. The weather is warm and it just feels great to play outside.

These are some of the most popular sports in the summer.




You going canoeing this weekend? Let’s go together.




The outdoor basketball courts get busy now that the weather is warmer. Let’s go there early.




We’re playing doubles on the tennis court this weekend. You should come with us.




I love to play frisbee in the park in the summer. It just feels great.




Don’t forget to bring your volleyball to the beach tomorrow!

Swimming In The Summer

And of course, in the summer, many people love to be in the water.

That could be the sea, a river or a lake, but also a swimming pool or outdoor water park.

Let’s try some example sentences of things people might say about this.


I love to go swimming in the sea when the weather gets hot. It’s a great way to cool down.

Swimming Pool

My friend has a swimming pool in his back garden. It’s great to dive in the water when it’s hot.

Water Park

We should go to the water park now it’s summer — but avoid the weekend, it’s too crowded.

Outdoor Pool

There’s an outdoor pool in my hometown. It’s a great place to go in the summer to escape the heat.


I live near the sea, so I always go to the beach in the summer. All my friends go too.


I love the lido by the sea. But it gets so packed in the summer.


In the summer, me and my brother go swimming in the river. But we avoid the weir as it’s too dangerous.


The lake just outside of town is a great place to go swimming in the summer.


We used to go swimming in the canal in the summer when we were kids. But they don’t allow anyone to swim there now. It’s too dangerous.

Going To The Beach

The most popular place that people like to go to in the summer is the beach.

People can go swimming there, lie on the beach and get a tan or just walk along the beach and enjoy the view.

There is a lot to cover here, so let’s dive right in…

Things People Say On The Beach In The Summer

The water is so refreshing!


Watch out for the jellyfish!


I just want to lie here in the sun all day…


Let’s go for a walk along the shore. You coming?


I really need to top up my tan.


I love sunbathing here. It’s so relaxing.


Can you help me put sunscreen on my back?


Don’t forget your sunglasses!


Come on, let’s go for a dip!


Wow, it’s so hot. I’m going in the water to cool off.


I’m so glad to see I’m getting some colour.


Look, there’s a dolphin!


I love the sound of the crashing waves.


Let’s have a picnic on the beach.


Do you want to play beach volleyball?


The sand is so hot!


Mind you don’t get sunburnt. Put some lotion on.


Let’s rent a paddleboard.


Time to reapply sunscreen.


The tide is coming in.


Let’s collect some seashells.


I’m going to read my book for a while.


The sunset is beautiful!


Do you want to build a sandcastle with me?


Can we get some ice cream?


Look, I’m buried in the sand!


Let’s take a beach selfie!

People Talking About Summer Activities

People love to do things in the summer. They want to be outside and enjoying the warm weather or being in the sunshine.

Let’s look at some things you can say about this.


I think the summer is made for being outdoors. The weather is hot; the sun is shining, so I just want to be outside all the time. I just love to go to mountain areas and do a bit of hiking. I leave early in the morning and I could be out all day. I just have to make sure I have a good GPS system and a lot of water. The last thing I would need is to be dehydrated while stuck halfway up a huge great hillside. I also wear a ton of sunscreen. I burn easily, so I have to put layers of that on my arms and face. Last summer, I went up this really big mountain nearby. It took me most of the day to scale. But when I got to the top and saw the view, it was well worth it.


The summer means just one thing to me—going to the beach! The feeling of sand between my toes, the sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the salty sea and the warmth of the hot sun on my skin. That just feels like heaven to me… I love to hit the beach in my bikini. I take a big summer hat to stay a little cool. A big beach towel to mark my spot on the beach and some cool tunes coming out of my phone, and I can’t think of anything else I need. I can just lie there all day, taking it all in. All my worries and concerns just fade away as I just soak up the sun.


I know many people love the days of summer. But for me, I really prefer the evenings. I just think it’s the best time to have little gatherings of friends and family and eat outside. We have a great barbecue and I can’t wait to fire it up and start grilling some chicken or flipping a few hamburgers. It’s just great to sit outside in the back garden and enjoy the warm night air. I have some special garden chairs so everyone can sit down and eat and relax. Yes, I like going to places in the summer. But the best thing for me is to enjoy the garden in the evening. It’s just the best time.

Summer Idioms And Phrases

Some common idioms and phrases are associated with the summer.

It’s useful to know some of these expressions.

Take a look below and read them out loud to yourself!

Stay Out Of The Sun

In the summer, every time I leave the house my mum says stay out of the sun! it drives me man because I actually love it when the sun is out.

Indian Summer

Looks like we have an Indian summer with all these long days.

Cool In The Shade

It’s cool in the shade. Stand here and you will be more comfortable.

Beach Bum

I’ve got a summer job in Truro, so I plan to be a beach bum all summer.

Catch Some Rays

I can’t wait to get to the beach and catch some rays.

Summer Fling

I met this guy, and we went out together all summer. He was my summer fling!


I bet everyone in the office is going to stare when they see me come back from my summer holiday all tanned and sun-kissed!

Soak Up The Sun

This weekend I plan to go to the park and soak up the sun.

Midsummer Madness

All these cars bumper-to-bumper—it’s midsummer madness!

Beach Read

I went to the bookshop and got a couple of beach reads for my summer hols.


The Problems With Summer

And of course, there are problems with summer.

No season is perfect.

Look at the words and phrases below to describe summer problems.

Practice by speaking out loud — very loud!


Oh, I can’t stand all these mosquitoes in the summer! I’m being bitten to death!

Bee Stings

I love bees, but be careful they don’t sting you. Some people are highly sensitive to bee stings.


There was so much traffic coming to the beach yesterday. It took us so long to get here.

Crowds Of People

Every summer, our town has crowds of people milling about everywhere. But I guess it’s good for business.

Too Hot At Times

I love the summer but it can be too hot at times…

Can’t Sleep At Night

It’s so hot these days — I can’t sleep at night.


Please be careful outside in the sun. I don’t want you to get heatstroke.


I get sunburn if I don’t put on lots of sun lotion.

Hay Fever

I get chronic hay fever every summer. I am constantly sneezing.


This humidity is unbearable. I can hardly breathe…


Well, I think that just about covers it.

Remember: The key thing to do is to read all the phrases and sentences OUT LOUD.

Keep going back and revising all the sentences and phrases. And try to use the sentences to describe your own life in the summer in your part of the world.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

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