How to Talk about the Seasons in English

Seasons of the year, they are changing, they are changing…

You might have to talk about what seasons you like in the year.

You might have to do this in the IELTS test or another kind of test. Or the subject might come up in conversation with a colleague or friend.

Talking about the seasons in English is a very common subject that people talk about in small talk.

Say, for example, you are talking to someone from another country. Maybe it is summer and so you talk about the weather. You could then go on to talk about the season of summer in your country and compare that to the person you are talking to.

There is a lot to talk about when talking about the seasons.

From the weather and climate of that season to the food and the kind of activities that people like to do at this time.

I have outlined in this guide, all the things you can say about every season.

Whatever season you like, you can find plenty of things to talk about here.

Let’s begin!


Questions to Ask


It’s a good idea to look at some of the questions we might be asked when talking about any particular season.

Here are some that we can use.

  • What is your favourite season?
  • What is the weather like in this season?
  • What can you see in this season?
  • What can people do in this season?
  • What do you like to do in this season?
  • What clothes should you wear in this season?
  • What clothes should you not wear in this season?
  • What food do people eat in this season?
  • Are there any special festivals or days in this season?


No matter what season you want to talk about, you should ask yourself the questions above. This can help you come up with lots of answers and then give you plenty to talk about.

You can do this as an exercise right now.

Go through all the questions and answer them about your favourite season.


Did this help you?

Were you able to come up with many answers?


What are the Seasons?


Just to clarify — let’s make sure we know what all the seasons are.

For the sake of this guide, I will talk mostly about the seasons in England, as I am English myself.

But of course, you should talk about the seasons in your own country or where you live.

There are four seasons of the year.

These are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Generally speaking, the seasons in England can be divided like this:


Spring — March to May

Summer — June to August

Autumn — September to November

Winter — December to February


In England, winter is cold, summer is warm and sometimes hot.

In spring, there is a lot of rain and in autumn it rapidly starts to get cold.

But of course, each country and place have their own defined seasons. You need to think carefully about what these are and speak about these seasons accordingly.


In the following next parts, I talk about the weather, food, activities and clothes people wear for each season in England.

I then give an example of people talking about each of these parts. You can use these as a model to help you talk about your own things for each season.

Let’s look at the seasons in detail.




In England, spring is a season of great change.

We have a saying: In like a lion and out like a lamb. It means that the season starts with very cold and harsh weather, then there is a lot of rain and by the end of spring the weather is getting warm and the skies are often blue.

Spring in England is from March to May.


The Weather in Spring


Spring in England can be pretty cold — temperatures as low as 5° — but can be as high as 15°.

But there can be a lot of rain in the spring in England.


What I like about spring is that the climate is not too hot or too cold. I can wear clothes I like to wear — a sweater or jacket and know that it is enough to keep me warm. But I know I won’t be too hot either.

The only thing I don’t like about spring is the rain. It seems to rain every day from March to May. It drives me crazy!


Things to See in the Spring


Spring is a time of great change. We can see leaves grow on trees, flowers bloom and young lambs jumping in the countryside.

Spring always makes me feel optimistic and happy. After we come out of the winter and the endless dark days, it is great to see leaves growing on the trees and flowers growing in the garden.

I live near the countryside and if I drive past fields I can see young lambs jumping and playing. Also young calves and fowls.

Even the look on people’s faces — people seem to smile more and as the sun comes out it fills the streets with light.


Things to Do in the Spring


As the weather gets better and trees and flowers start to bloom, it is a good time to go to the local park. Or take a trip to the countryside and see all the greenery.

It might also be a good time to eat al fresco.

In the spring, I really love to go to the park and walk around to see all the flowers growing and trees coming to life.

There are a lot of squirrels coming out of hibernation too. I often see them scurrying around hunting for things to eat.

There are a lot of people in the park in the spring. At lunchtime, people go to the park for lunch as the weather might be a lot warmer. Unless it’s raining of course — which could be most days in the spring.

But for me, it’s just nice to start going outside again and seeing nature coming to life.

Towards the end of spring, I like to drink coffee in my favourite cafe. They put tables and chairs outside. It’s nice to sit in the sun and read a book while watching the world go by.


Clothes to Wear in the Spring


When spring begins, the weather can often be cold. But by the end, it has become warmer.

As a result of this, people may have to wear clothes that range from sweaters to thick jackets.

They may not need to wear gloves, hats or scarves. And it doesn’t get warm enough to only wear a t-shirt and shorts.

It is quite a temperate time where people can wear clothes and not feel uncomfortable — they will never really feel too cold or too hot.

I like to wear long-sleeve shirts and suits to work, so I really love the spring for this.

I can wear a nice suit and not feel too hot. In the summer, it gets too hot and sticky and I start to feel uncomfortable.

And the spring never feels too cold. So I don’t have to put on a thick coat or wear a hat or scarf.

I like to look smart when I am going to the office and spring seems like the best season for wearing a suit.

Even at the weekend, I don’t feel I have to wrap up. I can still wear all my favourite long-sleeved shirts when I go out to meet my friends.

No wonder they have fashion shows in the spring — it’s the best time for wearing really nice clothes!


Food to Eat in the Spring


In the spring, a lot of green vegetables and other vegetables are available to eat.

Strawberries might be ready to eat in late spring.

But because of the change of weather, people might feel inclined to eat more salad and lighter dishes.

In the spring, farms start to harvest a lot of green vegetables. My family often go to a market in the spring to buy lots of fresh vegetables that are available at this time.

We like to make a salad or some vegetable soup with these vegetables.

Spring just seems like a time to eat healthily. In the winter we might eat a lot more bread and fatty foods to keep us warm. But now that spring has arrived it’s time to think of our health and eat fresh vegetables.


Special Days in Spring


There are a few Bank Holidays in the spring in England. These are special days when people do not need to go to work. Schools are closed too and children can have the day off from studying.

In spring, there are also some religious holidays such as Easter.

I like spring, because we have quite a few bank holidays at this time.

It seems like every few weeks there is another day off from work.

It’s a great opportunity to go outside and enjoy the spring air. We usually avoid beaches and popular places — they get too crowded and it’s just too uncomfortable.

So might just go to the countryside and go for a walk. Last time we did that we ended up in this nice country pub and had lunch there.


Take a look at all the examples of things to say in each section above.

Of course, these are all written with England in mind.

You need to think about what the weather is like in spring in your country. Think about what kind of food people eat and the activities they like to do.

Write your ideas down. This will help you form things to say.


Questions about Spring


Look at the following questions about spring. Try to answer all of them. This should help you form ideas of what to talk about if you want to talk about spring.


  • When is spring in your country?
  • Are there any special festivals during the spring? What are they? What do people do? What food do people eat at this time?
  • What events take place in spring in your country?
  • Does spring make you feel optimistic about the rest of the year? Why?
  • How do you feel when spring arrives?
  • What clothes do people wear in spring in your country?
  • Think of a favourite memory you have of spring. What happened? What did you do?
  • What kind of outdoor activities can people do in your country in spring?
  • What images come to your mind when you hear the word spring?
  • What things do you love about spring?
  • What things do you dislike about spring?
  • What words would you use to describe spring in your country?




In the summer in England, people take advantage of any days where the weather is hot and sunny.

Most of the rest of the year, the weather in England can be grey or cold and miserable.

But in the summer, we might have hot days where the sun is out and the sky is blue.

However, the summer in England is still known for rainy weather and storms.

Summer in England is from June to end of August.


The Weather in Summer


It never gets really hot in summer in England.

If it goes above 30° then that is very rare. Usually, the temperature doesn’t go much above the early 20s.

So during the times when we do have nice weather, people take full advantage of it.

I like the summer.

I like to wear t-shirts and shorts in the summer and I would feel comfortable wearing these kinds of clothes all year round if I could.

The only problem we have is that the weather in England is so unpredictable. It can be quite hot one day — up to 30° — then the next day the temperature drops and it’s raining again.

But if the weather is nice, then I am outside and taking full advantage of it. I like to go to the beach with my friends and go to the sea.

It just feels great!


Things to See in the Summer


In the summer, English people can be seen outside.

The parks are full of children — as the schools are closed for the summer. And people are often sitting outside in front of restaurants to take advantage of the nice weather.

Pub gardens are always full in the summer in England.

People like to sit outside and enjoy a nice drink with their friends or family.

Also, the days are very long in the summer so people enjoy the long days outside.

In the summer, I like to go to my local pub and sit in their garden with my girlfriend.

It is just so relaxing.

We can sit there until late in the evening. The sun doesn’t go down until after nine pm.

We leave and it just seems like it’s still very early in the day.

I wish we could have summer for much longer.


Things to Do in the Summer


As the weather is much better, English people might go to the beach or to some outside area.

Or they might play sport together — cricket and football are very popular.

One type of event that is hugely popular in England is music festivals.

In England, in the summer, there is a very big choice of music festivals to go to. For young people, music festivals are very popular.

I love the summer.

I get a very long holiday from university — so that is great. And because the weather is so good, I end up doing practically nothing for two months. Just lazing about on the beach near where I live all day. In the evening, we might have a party on the beach too. Just a small gathering but it just feels like the perfect life.

I like to go to music festivals too. Last year, I went to four different festivals and saw a load of bands and all my favourite singers. It was fantastic.


Clothes to Wear in the Summer


The summer in England is warm most of the season. There are also periods of it being quite hot.

But most of the summer it will be in the early 20s in terms of temperature. Sometimes there will be a heatwave and the temperature will go above 30°, but this rare.

As it is warm, people may wear short-sleeve shirts or loose clothing.

If they can, they wear shorts and t-shirts.

I work in a bank, so when I go to work I have to wear a bank uniform. We have two uniforms though — one for winter and one for summer.

The summer one has short sleeves so it feels more comfortable.

But at the weekend, I am in my t-shirt and shorts all the time. I love the summer and I dress for comfort when I can. Wherever I go and whatever I do, it’s always in shorts.

It just feels like the most sensible choice in such warm weather.


Food to Eat in the Summer


English people, like anyone else in hot weather, eat a lot of ice-cream or cold drinks in the summer.

People might also eat a lot more fruit than they usually do. And of course, English people love their beer, so if they are old enough, they will drink cold beer in their free time.

They might eat dishes like salad but they will also eat the kind of food they eat for the rest of the year too.

In the summer, in my hometown, there are many ice-cream vans that go around during the day. You can hear the music playing from the speakers in their van as they arrive.

Every time I hear one, I want to get an ice-cream.

I ask my mum and sometimes she says yes. But she won’t let me eat one every day.

It just seems like the perfect food to eat in the summer!


Special Days in Summer


There is one bank holiday in the summer in England. There is also Father’s Day in June.

There are no significant holidays or festivals in the summer though.

In the summer, me and my sister always try to do something special for our dad on Father’s Day.

We don’t get him a gift, but we do make a special day for him. Last year, we made dinner for him and we ate outside in the garden.

It was just something different to do but I think he liked it.


What about summer in your country? What do you do in the summer? What kind of clothes do people wear in the summer and what kind of food do people eat?

Think about all the activities and special holidays too.

Write some sentences down about as many things that you can think of about summer in your country.

Then try speaking out your ideas out loud.


Questions about Summer


Look at all the following questions about summer. Try to answer all of them. They can help you to talk about summer in more detail.

  • When is summer in your country?
  • What do people like to do in summer?
  • Think of a great memory from summer you had. What happened? What did you do?
  • Are there any special events in the summer in your country?
  • If you could describe the perfect summer day, what would it be?
  • What kind of food is popular in the summer in your country?
  • What words would you use to describe summer?
  • Do people like to go to the beach in your country in the summer?
  • What is the weather like in the summer?
  • What do people like to wear in the summer in your country?
  • Are there any important festivals in the summer? What are they? What do people do? How do they celebrate it?
  • Do students have a long summer holiday off school in the summer?
  • Talk about the best thing about summer. What is it?
  • Do people go travelling in the summer? Where do they go?




In the autumn, the days begin to get shorter and cooler. Students go back to school and university.

People start to wear warmer clothing and they may stay at home more than in the summer.

The days get colder and darker as the season draws closer to winter and the only holiday that people can celebrate is Guy Fawkes.

Autumn in England is from September to November.


The Weather in Autumn


The weather in autumn is cool. The temperature is around 5° to 15° — the same as spring. But the weather can be some of the best of the year. Very little rain and brilliant blue skies all day.

As the season progresses towards winter, the days get colder and colder and the days get shorter.

To be honest, I prefer the autumn.

I am not a fan of hot weather. I really welcome the cool weather in autumn and I love the dramatic skies in the daytime. Sometimes a brilliant blue and then it gets dark very quickly.

It just feels great.

I love to go out walking in the autumn. The air feels crisp and fresh and it just makes me feel healthy.


Things to See in the Autumn


Autumn, like spring, is a season of dramatic change.

The leaves on the trees turn yellow, red and gold and soon fall to the ground. The flowers and plants curl up for the cold winter ahead.

The season begins with long sunny days but ends with short and dark days.

One of the things I love is to see the leaves on the trees change colour in the autumn.

In a very short period of time, all the leaves are a range of beautiful colours — from red to yellow and gold.

And as the trees prepare for the winter ahead, all the leaves fall to the ground making the streets full of red and gold waves.

The days get darker and darker and soon we wake up in the morning and it’s dark outside. We come home from work and by the time we get home, it is already dark again.

It just feels like the whole world is preparing to sleep.


Things to Do in the Autumn


Students prepare for a new term or semester at school or college. They are busy getting ready for the new year ahead.

People often look forward to Guy Fawkes night — the only celebration in all of Autumn. No day off work, but a fun evening for all the family.

And in October there is Halloween — a very popular festival for children and adults alike.

There could also be harvesting festivals in the countryside as all the farms gather their crops.

I love Halloween in the autumn. I just love dressing up as a ghost or a vampire and going to Halloween parties.

Some people have really creative Halloween outfits.

And we can eat pumpkin soup which I love!

Then very soon after that, we have Guy Fawkes night and everyone lets off fireworks.

In the past, we had fireworks in our garden, but in recent times we have gone to a big organised event in this big park in my town. The fireworks there are bigger and more professional.

Then they have this huge bonfire and people gather all around it.

It’s a really great night out.


Clothes to Wear in the Autumn


The days start to get cooler so out come people’s sweaters and jackets — just the same as they wear in the spring.

And by the end of autumn, it is much colder. People may now be wearing winter gloves and hats and maybe a scarf to wear around their neck.

I am a big fan of the cooler weather in autumn. So when the days get a little chilly, I am very happy to wear my sweaters and jackets.

In the summer, I feel like I am sweating all season. But in the autumn I can wear nice fashionable clothes and not feel uncomfortable.

I also like to wear boots which I cannot wear in the summer. So it’s nice to wear those in the autumn and look good.


Food to Eat in the Autumn


The days get cooler and people may feel inclined to eat hot or spicy food.

Indian food is very popular all year in England, but could be more welcoming in the autumn.

In the summer, people may yearn for cold drinks, but in the autumn they may prefer big steaming cups of tea of coffee.

In the autumn, I can’t think of anything better than Sunday Roast at home with my family.

We can all sit around the table together and eat a big Sunday roast lunch with all the trimmings. We might have a big fire going in the living room so the house is all warm and cosy.

Then after lunch, sitting down together and drinking tea and watching an old movie on TV.

Of course, the thing with Sunday roast is that there are always leftovers so I usually end up eating all day. I can’t move and just sit in the same place for the rest of the day.

But then I might look outside and see the cold grey skies and feel happy to be indoors.


Special Days in Autumn


Special days in autumn include the first day back at school or university for students. This is the beginning of a new year and is often pretty exciting.

Then there are two big days that are both celebrated in the evening.

Guy Fawkes night


These days can be big family nights out. Children love these nights. Lots of opportunities to dress up and have fun.

Two of the best nights out in autumn for me are Guy Fawkes and Halloween. My family has a lot of young children so we end up having these big occasions where we all dress up and have fun together.

I usually end up helping all the young ones buy pumpkins and do some pumpkin carving. These love to make faces out of them and display them in the house.

On Halloween, all the children in my neighbourhood go trick or treating. This is where they knock on someone’s door and shout out: Trick or Treat?

Then the person in the house should give them a treat — usually some candy.

The whole street is filled full of little kids dressed as ghosts, vampires and devils.

It’s great fun.

Then shortly after that, it’s Guy Fawkes Night. We usually go to the big park in town and watch the firework display there.

There are people selling jacket potatoes and other snacks.

It’s also a great night out for all the family.


How is autumn in your hometown? What is the weather like in the autumn?

And what about special holidays? Are there any festivals or special days that you celebrate in the autumn?

Try to think of all the food people like to eat at this time of year. And the activities you might do.

Write down all your ideas in separate paragraphs then practise speaking out loud.


Questions about Autumn


  • What do you like about autumn? Name the best things and describe them.
  • When is autumn in your country?
  • Are there any special holidays in autumn? What are they? What do people do on these days?
  • How would you describe the weather in autumn in your country?
  • What do you like to do in autumn? What do you not like to do?
  • Is there one special kind of dish that people like to eat in autumn? What is it? How would you describe it?
  • What kind of clothes do people wear in the autumn?
  • Do you have a favourite memory of autumn? What happened? Where were you?
  • What kind of things comes to mind when you think of autumn?
  • What words would you use to describe autumn?
  • What is the best thing about autumn? What is the worst thing?
  • Are there any special events that take place in the autumn? What are they?
  • Do students start a new year at school in autumn in your country? How do they feel about it?




Winter in England is cold. There could be snow in many areas and this could cause problems getting to work or school.

The days are very short and dark and everyone has to wear their winter woollies.

There are two main holidays in England in the winter — Christmas and New Years Day. We usually celebrate these together in one week-long holiday. All the students are off for this period and most businesses are closed.

Winter in England is from December to February.


The Weather in Winter


In England, the winter is usually cold. Temperatures are around 6° to 7°.

It can snow in many parts of the country and if you are in the countryside this can block roads. Many people find it difficult to get around.

The mornings can be very icy. Car drivers often have to spend many mornings de-icing their windscreens. This usually involves using a special spray on the window to melt the ice.

The roads and pavements can also be icy which might make it difficult for driving and walking.

I love it when it snows in my hometown in the winter.

I live in a city that is surrounded by hills and they all get covered in snow. It makes the whole place look bright and clean.

One time it snowed so heavily that cars could not drive down the road where I live. Snow filled the streets.

There were kids all outside building snowmen and having snowball fights!


Things to See in the Winter


Well, there could be snow! That is always a welcome thing to see. People usually like to see it snowing. It just seems special.

The trees are completely bare of leaves. They look like skeletons on the street or in the park.

And the days are very short. People wake up in the morning and when they arrive at work it could still be dark. Then they leave at the end of the day and when they get home it is dark again.

This can make people feel unhappy at times…

I love the look of the countryside in the winter. It can look completely empty of life which gives it a very special quality.

There are no animals in the fields and the trees look like dark skeletons on the landscape.

It has a very otherworldly look about it.

I feel like I can walk for miles and miles and it makes me feel like I am the last person left alive on earth.


Things to Do in the Winter


People are often preparing for the biggest festival of the year — Christmas Day.

They could be very busy buying gifts and preparing food for the big day. They also have to buy a Christmas tree and decorations for the house.

Much of the month of December is spent on preparing for Christmas Day. Then it is over and people often feel at a loss as to what they should be doing.

But in January, students go back to school and college, people go back to work and life gets back to normal.

I love the winter because I love Christmas. This is my favourite time of the year.

I just love everything about it.

From the first day of December, I am busy preparing all the gifts I need to buy. I might spend many a lunch hour going round the shops or department stores looking for things to buy my relatives and friends.

Then as it gets closer to Christmas Day I have to think about all the food to buy for people to eat. It’s not just Christmas Day but all the other times too.

And not to mention buying a Christmas tree and all the decorations…

I am very busy in all of December as there is so much to do. But I love it.

Then Christmas is over and I don’t know what to do with myself.


Clothes to Wear in the Winter


Winter in England is cold.

People wear their thick winter coats. They might wear down jackets and other styles of warm jackets.

Everyone will wear woollen sweaters in the winter. And sometimes it gets so cold that they will wear hats to keep their heads and ears warm. They will also wear thick gloves and a scarf.

People may not look stylish in the winter as they only dress for comfort and warmth against the cold.

I like to wear my winter clothing at the end of the year.

I have so many sweaters that I can choose from and I have three pairs of gloves to wear too.

I have some winter hats too. One is a woollen beanie style hat and I have this other hat that has fake fur on the trim. It looks like a Russian army hat.

I also have some caps.

But my main item for winter is my thick down jacket. I don’t know what I could do without it in the winter. It is very warm and makes me feel very comfortable as I walk outside.


Food to Eat in the Winter


There may not be any real significant change in what people eat. But they may feel more inclined to eat hot food or food that has a high-fat content to keep them warm in the winter.

For example, Indian food would be very welcoming in the winter as it is hot, spicy and has a lot of rice and naan bread. English people love Indian food all year round — it is very easy to find an Indian restaurant in towns and cities across the country.

In the winter, when it is especially cold, there is nothing I like better than to go to an Indian restaurant and eat some Indian food.

It just seems so perfect on a cold winter’s evening to try some hot, spicy Indian dishes.

I can’t cook Indian food at home so I might make baked potatoes for lunch. These are very hot and are great in the winter to keep me nice and warm.


Special Days in Winter


The two main holidays or festivals in winter in England are Christmas Day and New Years Day. I suppose you could also include St Valentines Day in February too.

But Christmas is probably the biggest and most celebrated holiday in England. Most of the country takes a week off, all schools and colleges are closed for Christmas and everyone wants to go home to meet their family and celebrate.

I absolutely love Christmas. I just think it is a great time for all the family to get together and celebrate.

We usually have a big Christmas dinner and all the family are there. All my immediate family plus uncles and aunts and cousins.

The house is full of people and there is so much energy.

All the children laughing and playing.

It’s the only time of year that we are all together. But it is exhausting so when it’s over, secretly, I am kind of glad.


How is winter in your country?

Is it as cold as England? Or hot and humid?

And what do people like to eat in the winter months? Is there a special kind of food that people eat in winter in your country?

Write down all your thoughts and ideas about winter and then practise saying them out loud.


Questions about Winter


  • When is winter in your country?
  • What happens in winter?
  • Do you like winter? What do you like about it?
  • What do you hate about winter?
  • How is the weather in the winter?
  • What clothes do people wear in winter?
  • Are there any special festivals in winter in your country? What are they? What do people do?
  • What do you like to do in the winter?
  • Are there any special outdoor activities in the winter in your country?
  • Does it snow in the winter in your country?
  • What do students do in school in the winter in your country?
  • Do you have a special memory of winter? What is it? What happened? What did you do?


Talking about Seasons you Dislike


Just as you can talk about seasons you like, you can also talk about seasons you really dislike too.

This is a good idea if you are preparing for the IELTS test as it helps you to speak for a longer time — which will impress the examiner — and it makes your answer sound more rounded and complete.

Look at these questions to help you.


  • What season do you dislike?
  • Why do you dislike it?
  • Think of three main things that you cannot stand about this season. Talk about them.


In the IELTS test, if you are talking about seasons, it is a good idea to end your talk about a season you don’t like.

This provides some contrast and balance. The examiner will also think that your English is more fluent as you can talk about things you like — and things you dislike.

Take a look at the questions above and try to talk about the season you dislike.




I hope this is helpful for you to talk about each season in your country.

What I suggest you do is:

  • Read each section I wrote about each season in England.
  • Read out loud all the quotes from people talking about each season. Use these quotes to help you talk about seasons in your own country — you will have to change the details of course.

The best thing to do is to write down all your ideas for each season, write down your answers from all the questions and then practise speaking them out loud.

This will really help you when you have to do a talk in the IELTS test. Or if you just need to have a conversation in English about the seasons.


Keep practising — and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. You covered the seasons very thoroughly in this lesson so there is a good base for a possible IELTS test in the future. It is also good for students to learn about the seasons when in their culture there may not be four seasons. In Central America we only had two seasons: rainy and dry. And in Australia, winter comes in July and Christmas is in full summer!

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