How to Complete Homework On Time with Power-Packed Planning

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In this article, she outlines the importance of homework and how to plan for it.

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How to complete homework on time with power-packed planning


Being a student, your priority should not just be to finish your homework on time. There is a specific purpose attached to the reason why teachers assign you homework. It is given to you so you can revise the concepts taught in the class. Besides, in doing your homework, you find the opportunity to practice more and learn better. Henceforth, the next time the teacher says that homework is for your good, you should believe her! Yes, most of us are not very open-hearted when it comes to receiving homework. It is a well-proven fact that most kids have a feeling of alienation from homework. But homework is crucial to your pursuit of excellence, and you should not look at it as a mere obligation. Especially when it comes to learning English, homework becomes even more significant.

Learning English comes with a few challenges that may demotivate the spirit of children. It is fascinating to know that English is spoken in around 118 countries. Still, a lot of people are not comfortable learning the language. Learning English requires consistent practice and elaborative knowledge of grammar rules. This is the reason why your English homework is imperative for your proficiency in the language. So, you need smart planning and organizational skills to finish your English homework in a timely and productive way. This post is going to be of great help to you! It illustrates how you can complete your English homework on time and in a constructive way. But before that, let us look at some of the primary hurdles that students face in learning the language.


Hurdles in learning English




To learn any language, it is essential to program the rules and comprehensively learn them. If you are a pro at English grammar, you can flex it in front of your ‘Grammar Nazi’ friends. But reaching that level is going to take some tenacious efforts. There are various significant rules of English grammar that a learner of the language needs to practice. So, you should take your grammar homework seriously. Otherwise, you may not be able to tweak the grammar errors smoothly at a later stage.




Do you know that according to the Oxford Dictionary, there are 171, 476 words in use at present? These make a lot of words, and it is impossible for anyone to learn all of them. But even if you have to learn a handful of words out of these, you need regular practice. Without a hold on the basic vocabulary, the process of learning remains incomplete. The ground reality is that many children face difficulties learning English because of the endless list of words.




Appropriate pronunciation of English words is another challenge that children face. This can happen because of geographical variations in pronunciation or because some words contain silent letters. Hence, to be successful in learning the language, pronunciation is vital. It requires consistent effort to develop a proficiency in pronunciation.

These are only to name a few obstacles that children find in their pursuit of learning English. However, these challenges are enough to realize that learning English is not a cakewalk. For non-native English speakers, it is going to take a lot more than classroom lectures. You have to do your English homework regularly and finish it on time. You also have to work around other subjects and assignments not to dedicate all your time to English. This is where constructive planning, powerful time management, and organizing tasks come into play. Your objective should be to finish your English homework fast and in a manner that it does not compromise learning. Let us now go deeper into examining how planning homework in the right way can help you succeed in your objective.

How can you finish your homework on time with proficient planning?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps and see things changing positively for you.


Prepare a List


On your way back from school, you should prepare a list of your evening tasks. Of course, it should also have room for play and leisure activities. Every act of planning starts with preparing a plan and noting down the tasks. How can tasks be organized if they are not listed correctly? So, you should effectively schedule your homework. If you face trouble with English, you should plan your English homework in the high priority zone of your list.

You can further subdivide your English homework based on what adds more value to your learning. For instance, you can tag your English grammar homework as a higher priority than your English literature assignments. If you find grammar more complex, it deserves a more productive share of your time. Do not fall for the allurement of beginning with the easy work. Tackle the most challenging assignments first so that you can ease out through the day.


Plan your Requirements Beforehand


When you sit down to complete your homework, nothing should interrupt your flow. You have to figure out all the gear and resources you will need during your assignment and gather it before you begin. When you are doing your English homework, you may also need a paper dictionary or a dictionary app. In case you come across some words unknown to you, you can seek help from these additional resources. Otherwise, you might lose the momentum to understanding issues because of a few words. If you get up in the middle of your work to look for a dictionary, you will lose time unnecessarily.


Track your Time


If you develop the habit of tracking your utilization of time from an early age itself, it will benefit you throughout your life. You have to keep track of your time on a chapter, an assignment, or your homework exercises. This will help you plan your subsequent homework sessions in the right way. You can learn from your mistakes and boost your productivity session by session. You are going to get better at time management once you start tracing your time. As a part of time tracking, you should also estimate the time you are likely to take for each homework assignment. Then you have to examine if you completed work in the estimated time or not. There are various time tracking applications that you can use to do it the right way.


Plan for Breaks


Long study sessions often subdue the productivity of human beings. So, there should always be space for breaks and relaxation in your daily schedules. You also want to enjoy the evenings with your friends and family and not invest all of them in your homework. You can hence plan for breaks between homework of different subjects or sections of the same subject. You should, for once, try to Pomodoro technique to ignite your English skills.

This can be smartly applied to English learning. Studying grammar or vocabulary together for long stretches can create a monotonous aura. This may make you procrastinate from your other tasks and not meet the deadlines. To avoid this, you can split your vocabulary and grammar homework into different sections separated by breaks. In this way, learning will be conducive, and you will finish the homework on time.


Revise your Homework


If you have too many mistakes in your assignments, the teacher may ask you to redo them. That will double your effort and also mean that your submissions will be delayed. Besides, the chances of it happening with your English homework can be high. To prevent such a scenario, you should revise your homework assignments for spelling, grammar errors, and punctuations.


Hence, the planning of your homework schedule should also include a small section for revising your homework. When you submit your homework with minimum errors, your teacher will recognize your hard work.




To conclude, for finishing homework on time, you should organize the time on your hands. Further, it takes solid planning and execution skills to make a proper schedule and then execute it as per the plan. Besides, no goal is achieved until there is a plan in place. Here we are talking about two objectives that you have to accomplish simultaneously. You not only have to finish your homework on time, but also learn the most out of it. In this direction, the techniques mentioned above for doing homework are going to be of great significance. Gear up, fall in love with the habit of doing homework on time, and then enjoy the rest of your day with your beloved friends.

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