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Every English student wants to improve their English reading, but they simply don’t know where to look.

You scour your ESL textbooks but all you find are the usual reading exercises about A Day in the Life of a Postman, something about furniture or hobbies for the elderly.

These reading exercises are usually boring, least of all inspiring. You read the passages and do the comprehension exercises, but they do not motivate you.

What you need to do is read articles you want to read!

Read passages that hold your interest. You need to be inspired and motivated with your reading practice or your brain just switches off.

That’s all great but where can you find these wildly interesting reading articles?

In the following guide, I outline all the great websites to improve your English reading comprehension.

No more boring reading sessions for you!

Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension why read English websites

Why Read English Websites?

Because English websites use modern, everyday English.

They use the kind of English that you can use in your everyday life.

You should also read English websites so that you read the English language as it is read by millions of native English speakers too. Native English speakers don’t read the ESL textbook articles that English learners read in class. They read more serious material — articles that provoke thought or give them a different opinion on life.

But you also need to read articles and stories that can help you improve your English. That can help you build your vocabulary and learn great new phrases and sentence structures.

You should read things that can help you learn English idioms and collocations.

That is what you need to read.

Enough of the babyish, puerile passages from your textbook.

Time to read something more heavyweight!

Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension categories of English websites

Categories of English Websites

There is quite literally something for everyone.

I want to outline a list of English websites below. This is to help you find the right reading material suitable for you.

Let’s take a look…


Many people like to read the news.

They want to catch up with world events.

In the past, people read newspapers. They were printed every day and people bought them in shops or newsstands.

But now we have news websites.

If you have an interest in current affairs and what is going on in the world, then this category is for you.


This is for all the fashionistas out there!

Fashion is a huge market. And as such there are many fashion websites for you to read if you are interested in the latest designs and styles.

If you are a fashion or design student — or simply love fashion — you will love these websites.

Women’s Websites

This is another huge category.

There are literally dozens of websites aimed at women. These websites cover women’s lifestyles — health, fashion, hair and cosmetics and many other things related to women’s lives.

Men’s Websites

And all things being equal, there are also many websites aimed towards men and their lives too.

These websites cover men’s lifestyles — health, styling, and clothing. And everything else in between.


Years ago, there were published magazines. These came out on a weekly or monthly basis. They covered many different topics and interests.

But now we have online magazines.

Different magazine websites cover different kinds of content but many of these are great reading practice for English students. Lots of different reading material here.


Are you fascinated by the lives of the stars?

This category has websites that feature news from Hollywood movie stars to singers to TV and social media.


If you are a business student or working in business, this is the perfect category for you.

Tons of content on business, entrepreneurship, finance and start-ups.

Special Interest

There are websites for every single interest and hobby you can imagine.

Special interest websites are for all of these interests and free-time activities.

Think about what you like to do in your free time, and you will find a website that caters to that interest.


This is another huge category of websites.

Maybe you are a parent and want to find reading material for your son or daughter.

Or maybe you are a young English learner.

This category is for you!

So now we know what the categories are. Let’s take a look at some sites that you can read.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension news


There is a news website for practically every town, every city, on the planet.

Britain has a huge number of news websites — both national and local. Since the internet, every newspaper in the world has had to design its own online presence accordingly.

If you have an interest in reading about what is going on in the world in English, there is no shortage of choices available to you.


The BBC is probably a good place to start.

It has a long history of being a broadcaster in the news both in radio form and television. Then it has its own website which features many news sections.

The BBC also has a strong tradition of helping English learners.

Try this site first for clear, easy-to-understand terms in modern, contemporary English.


BBC Main Site

BBC World Service


The Guardian

Long-established news website from the British newspaper The Guardian.

Started in Manchester originally, it is now a global news source with a huge choice of sections.

The site veers towards the left politically but maintains a high reporting standard.

The Comment is Free section features opinions from leading journalists along with other members of the public. Most of these articles have a comment section where people can discuss the various lines of the argument put forward.

The level of English is going towards upper-intermediate.


The Guardian

The Guardian/Comment Is Free


The Daily Mail

Pre-Internet The Daily Mail was a more middle-class newspaper, originally catering for women.

Now it has become more tabloid in nature, with features on celebrities and the British royal family.

The news articles are often filled with outrage as the average reader is a Middle Englander looking for a reason to be angry at the world!

English level is intermediate with lots of modern colloquial English in the articles.


The Daily Mail



Another news source of a long history, this time from America.

Look to this for in-depth articles on American news, politics and the economy. Some articles are very long but in general a good read.

English level is intermediate to upper-intermediate.





National Public Radio started as a radio station with features on the news of the day. Now it has evolved into a podcast and news website.

This is for serious news fans — people who want to read a detailed analysis of political or economic world affairs.

The English level on this site is going towards upper-intermediate.





A news website of the internet age, this site has many feature-length articles on a wide variety of subjects.

The layout has a more contemporary theme. It has a magazine-style about it.

The level here is intermediate to upper intermediate.




Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension fashion


Fashion has been a huge market for news and media sources for many years.

Before the internet it was very easy to find dozens of fashion magazines at the newsstand — now they all have websites available.

If you are a fan of fashion or a student studying fashion, then this is the right place for you.


Vogue has been around for many years.

It is widely considered the fashion bible of the industry and leads where others follow.

Features on every fashion show in the world, along with interviews with designers, models, commentators and everyone else involved in the world of fashion.

English level is intermediate to upper-intermediate, with an emphasis on fashion and style vocabulary.




Other Fashion Websites

There are also the following fashion magazines for English students:


Harper’s Bazaar

Marie Claire


Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension women's websites

Women’s Websites

Women have been a huge market for news and the media for many years and as such, there are many choices of websites that cater to women and women’s lifestyles.

Many of these websites originally began life as a magazine and have gone through stages of praise and criticism as the political climate changes and adapts.


This is one of the longest-running women’s interest magazines in the world.

It features articles on women’s health, style, fashion and food.

The general style of the site is lightweight and easy-going, even if the writer is dealing with a serious subject.

But if you are a woman or even a teenage girl, many of the articles could hold interest for you.

The level is intermediate.





Another well-established magazine for women.

This is very similar in style to Cosmopolitan.

English level — intermediate.




Other Women’s Websites

Also, try the following for English reading:



Woman Magazine (now called Good To Know)


Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension men's websites

Men’s Websites

Years ago, men’s magazines were an odd collection of sports, cars and naked girls.

Since the nineties, they have exploded into a much bigger source that deals with men’s health, styling and interests. Many men’s magazines deal with issues that men may understand.

As a result, there is a massive selection of men’s websites in English available today.

Men’s Health

This site does what it says on the cover.

It mainly covers articles on the health of men. Look at this for articles on fitness and sport along with diet and food.

There are also articles on men’s mental health and some styling.

The English level is intermediate.


Men’s Health


The Art of Manliness

This is a tongue-in-cheek style magazine for men, written in a semi-humorous old-fashioned style.

Because of this, it is a good source for male English learners as you get your head around the writing content.

The English level is more towards upper intermediate.


The Art of Manliness



Another magazine-style website with many features on men’s styling and tech. All real guy stuff.

English level is intermediate to upper-intermediate.




Other Men’s Websites

For more articles for men in English, try these:





Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension magazine websites

Magazine Websites

There are quite literally thousands of magazines online today.

Many of these are great for English learners in search of good reading material to choose from.

Some also have English learners in mind, as this is a huge growing market for the publishing industry.

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is as old as time itself.

It has been around in one form or another for many years.

Now, in a more contemporary style, it still has many articles and short stories to read. This is an ideal source for English learners looking for a wide variety of content to read. You will definitely find something of interest on this website.

The English level is intermediate to advanced.


Reader’s Digest


Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is an internet giant.

Originally founded by Arianna Huffington, it now boasts millions of visitors. It is now known as Huff Post.

There are quite literally thousands of articles on this website. Tons of news, opinion and blog posts. There is something for everyone on this site. Ideal for English learners.

As it has such a wide range of content, the English level is from lower intermediate to advanced.


Huff Post



Buzzfeed is a magazine-style website with an emphasis being on fun.

Written by and for millennials, it is great for English learners looking for interesting, fun content.

You can find articles to read and thousands of lists. Buzzfeed is famous for its lists. There are also many quizzes to enjoy.

Not difficult to read, and the English level is around intermediate for most of the content.




Other Magazine Websites

You can also try these other magazine-style websites:


Bored Panda

Mental Floss


Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension celebrity websites

Celebrity Websites

Thousands of websites thrive on celebrities.

Without famous people, many websites could not exist at all.

People love to read about movie stars, TV stars, music stars and any other stars in between. We find their lives captivating and want to read all the juicy gossip about them.

If this appeals to you, then the following websites will be of interest.


This website has many features on the stars, interviews with them and tons of news about showbiz gossip.

It is very lightweight and kind of trashy, but the simple and modern English style could appeal to many English learners.

English level is intermediate.




Other Celebrity Websites

For more English reading on celebrities:




Entertainment Weekly



Many English students either study business or work in a business-related job.

Reading about business is a necessary part of their English study programme, but often the kind of reading material they find is just too simple.

This is why you need to read real business articles on real business websites.


Entrepreneur is a website for the person starting their own business — hence the title, entrepreneur.

The articles are mostly about starting and owning a small business, inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs and business owners and the tools required for starting a business.

Written in very clear English, this site makes for perfect reading for the businessman or woman with their own company, needing to brush up their English reading comprehension, or the business student hoping to find suitable reading material for their studies.

The English level is intermediate to upper-intermediate.




Fast Company

A monthly magazine that features articles on business, technology and design.

With articles on working life, design and creativity, this site would appeal to the English learner working in the creative sector.

Written in a frank but upbeat style, many of the articles have a very strong humorous streak.

The English level is intermediate to upper-intermediate.


Fast Company


Other Business Websites

Also, try these other English sites on business:




The Economist


Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension special interest websites

Special Interest Websites

No matter what your interests are, you can find a website that deals with them.

From weight-lifting to flower arranging to yoga to extreme sports — there is a website to suit your needs.

For the English learner with a special interest, these websites are a gold mine.

You can dive into articles that explain and discuss the finer points of your free time activity on a deep level. Here you will find all the vocabulary and terminology that you are looking for.

Digital Camera World

This website has features about digital photography.

No matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer, this covers all aspects of your passion.

The site analyses photographs, reviews equipment and has tutorials on taking better pictures.

The English level is upper-intermediate to advanced, but that is because of all the technical vocabulary and terms. For the budding photographer, it may not be too much of an issue.


Digital Camera World



This is a how-to website.

It has thousands of tutorials on how to do practically anything. It is written in a very easy-to-understand style because they want their readers to come to terms with how to do something.

This is great for English learners trying to learn how to explain a process in English — perfect for IELTS students should they get a question on how to do something.

The English level is intermediate.




Great Website To Improve English Reading Comprehension kids websites

Kids Websites

This is another huge category.

Ideal for parents wishing to help their kids learn English. And of course, perfect for kids too.

Time for Kids

It is what it says on the tin — Time magazine for kids.

A fantastic resource of reading material for younger students that not only match their English level but their interests too.

The articles are divided into convenient school grades so that you can find the right material for your level — from K1 to Grade 6.

As the site is for children, the English level ranges from beginner to intermediate. This also makes it ideal for beginner English learners looking for interesting reading material.


Time for Kids



This is far from being a comprehensive list of English websites for English students.

But I hope I have given you some useful resources to look at.

It is a great idea to move away from your textbooks and find reading material that native speakers look at. This way you are reading ‘real English’ in a real environment — as opposed to the synthetic environment in your textbooks.

There really is no excuse when it comes to finding reading material online today. There is more choice now than there has ever been.

Don’t forget to keep your notebook handy for new words and phrases and your English comprehension will improve at a fantastic rate.

Good luck!

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