Ask Me Anything! — an ESL activity for asking questions

First, download the exercise below. It comes in PDF format — easy for printing and handing out to students in the class.



Then get each student to write their name on the top of the list.


Next, get each student to fill in ONE question on each student’s question sheet. The students should pass the question sheets around the class until each student has added one question to each student’s question sheet.

If there are only a few students, they should write more than one question.

When they have finished, tell them they are going to stand up one by one and read out the questions.

The students may think that the question they write is for the student whose name is written at the top of the page. But the question is directed to the person who wrote it.

This may take them by surprise.

So for example, John may have a list of questions — his name is on the top.

But the next question may read:

Question: Is there someone special in your life? From: Michael

So, John asks Michael this question.

The next question may read:

Question: Are there many people in your family? From: Susan

And, John asks Susan this question.

John asks each person the question they wrote until he has heard all the answers.

Then on to the next question.

This exercise is great for forming and asking questions. But also for answering them too.

It is also a lot of fun for the students!

Download the exercise in PDF format at the link below.


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