I write engaging readable blog content about the importance and need to study English.

You need blog content that informs your readers of the need for English in the workplace but you have no time to write it yourself. 

You want something that is lighthearted but also informed enough to drop pearls of wisdom.

You must have this content on time every time.

So give me a call.

Hello my name is David Buckley.

I am a full-time writer and I run ManWrites.

I write long-form content about studying English and teaching English.

Content that is read by teachers, students, students parents, English schools and universities.

The kind of content that can convert for your business.

I come with 20 years experience of teaching ESL. I have communicated with thousands of students, their parents, the school owners and managers. I understand all their needs and concerns.

Whether you are an English school helping students with the IELTS test, a company that provides English training at corporate level or a publication that serves its readers with great ESL content, I can help you.

I love to write stories. Stories of students, of teachers. And these stories can convert into great content and traffic for your business.

You can check examples of my writing for professional organisations here.

Or you can go to my blog right here.

Interested in working with me? Drop me a line.