9 Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is rapidly securing its place as the ideal choice for studying. Every year thousands of students arrive in the country about to embark on their academic journey in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

In 2018, 572,000 international students studied in Canada — and that is a massive increase from the previous year. The most common countries that choose Canada as their preference for college are China, India, South Korea, Vietnam and France. But there has been a surge of interest from other countries such as Bangladesh, Iran, Colombia and The Philippines.

If you are considering Canada as an option for further study, you are in fine company. The country welcomes students from every corner of the world. It truly is a multicultural place.

Stay with me and let me show you NINE fantastic reasons why you should choose Canada as an international student.


1. The Quality of the Education

Canadian education ranks highly in the world. The country has some of the finest colleges and schools in the world.

According to Times Higher Education, Canada offers some of the best colleges in the world. In their review for 2019, 27 Canadian colleges ranked high in the entire world. No mean feat when you consider other high-ranking countries such as the UK and America.

Of course, you are looking for quality institutions to further your study. Canada has a great choice to suit your preference.


2. The Cost of Things

This is a big attraction for international students.

Not only can Canada provide great quality in terms of schools and colleges but the costs are reasonable too. In fact, compared to other popular destinations for international students, the fees for Canadian education are more than reasonable.

The average tuition fees for international students are around CA$27,000 (US$20,000) per year. Not bad at all when you compare with countries such as the UK, America, Australia or New Zealand.

Canada has the lowest college fees for English-speaking countries. This is something to consider when you have to add living expenses to that. The more you save in college fees, the more you have to spend on luxuries like — oh, I don’t know, eating, rent, things like that.


3. Work While You Study

And if the low fees are not a big enough attraction, how about the right to work legally while you study?

Living and studying in Canada incurs some costs so the Canadian government kindly allows international students the right to work while they study. You can work up to 20 hours, on campus or off, it’s up to you.

But the perfect opportunity to make a little cash while studying and the chance to be a real part of the local community. Whether serving meals in a restaurant or practising your barista skills in the local coffee shop, this is a great way to fund your way through college. Plus, there’s the chance to polish up your English skills.


4. It is Safe

It is every parent’s nightmare to imagine their son or daughter going off to a strange land and being alone there. It is also many young peoples’ dream to do this exact same thing.

Put your parents’ minds at ease by telling them that Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to be. It ranks 16th in the world for general safety.

Canada is a much safer environment than America, the UK and Australia. This is something to consider when travelling alone to a new place and starting a new life as a student.

Canada has a very tolerant attitude to other cultures and is very multicultural. This means there is a low rate of racial discrimination because the country welcomes all kinds of people.

Yes, Canada is safe. Nothing to worry about there.


5. The Chance to Immigrate

For many international students, the chance to immigrate to the country where they studied is an attractive idea.

This is often very difficult and there is a lengthy application process. But in Canada, there is a policy that actively encourages international students to apply for permanent residence.

Is this something you dream of? If so, Canada could be the perfect choice for you. Come to the country and study at the college of your dreams. Then after you graduate apply for immigration.

You may find that you are the perfect candidate that the country is looking for.


6. College Life is Great!

Life on campus whether at school or college is great in Canada.

Schools and colleges have many after-school clubs and classes. They actively encourage all students to take part in these extra-curricular activities.

No matter where your interest lies you will find something that sparks your interest. Could be the drama club, painting class, political debate and discussion or a sporting interest such as basketball or hockey or soccer.

This is a great way to make new friends and meet like-minded people so make the effort and dive in.

College campuses in Canada also offer free Wi-Fi to students and there are college newspapers too.

Your study life in Canada should be an event that fills your life so take full advantage of all it can offer.


7. Research Opportunities

The Canadian government is always on the lookout for useful research in a variety of fields and industries.

Colleges offer scholarships for the right research too. If you think you have something useful to offer in terms of research in your chosen area of study, you may find that your college will pay you to do it. How cool is that?

Companies and other organisations also offer scholarships or bursaries for the right research.


8. Canada is Multicultural

This is something that Canada prides itself on.

The country truly is a multicultural place in every meaning of the word. People from all corners of the world go to live in Canada and there are international students from all over the globe.

Because of this, the people in Canada are some of the most tolerant in the world to people from other countries and cultures.

You will probably find that your classmates are from China, India, Brazil, France and Canada.

You could make friends with people from a whole variety of places and cultures.


9. The Beautiful Nature and Environment

Last but not least, let’s talk about the nature and environment of Canada.

The country offers some of the most spectacular and beautiful natural scenery in the world. From long stretches of coastline on both sides of the country to vast mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and unspoilt landscape that seem to go on as far as the eye can see.

This is something you really need to consider.

Yes, the college has to be right. You have to be attracted to other aspects that the country can offer. But you should really think about the nature and clean environment that the country can offer you too.

And Canada really can offer this.

The air, waterways and land are often pristine in terms of a clean environment. What better place would you like to be when you study at school or college for several years of your life?



So Canada offers great things to international students.

Not only a superb quality in education but very reasonable rates for cost and fees. And you also have the right to work to make some extra cash at the weekends.

Canada also rates highly in personal safety (rest assured, moms and dads!) and the cities enjoy a deep multicultural lifestyle that welcomes all people from every corner of the world.

Then there are the research opportunities, the chance to immigrate after graduation and campus life is a real blast.

To top all of that Canada is one of the most beautiful and environmentally cleanest countries in the world.

Sounds like the perfect choice for any international student!

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