Let Me Help You Improve Your English

Let Me Help You Improve Your English

I write helpful guides on articles on how to learn English and I also write lesson plans in my two very popular series; Talking Points and Fantastic Tales.

talking points

Talking Points

I write full lesson plans for English teachers and learners. Each lesson comes with an article followed by a ton of exercises to help the student with speaking and vocabulary.

fantastic tales

Fantastic Tales

I love writing stories. And so I created my series Fantastic Tales for English learners and teachers. Each lesson comes with a short story and then many exercises for speaking, vocabulary, writing and so on. 

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Hello, I'm David

My name is David and I am the man behind ManWrites.com

I have been teaching English in various parts of Asia for just over 24 years. This job has introduced me to all kinds of students, young and old, from all walks of life.

Now I want to transfer all this experience into crafting articles, guides and lesson plans to empower English learners to improve their English skills.

Man Writes Blog

Check out my blog. Tons of free guides and articles on how to improve your English reading, speaking, listening and writing.

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