These are some of the articles I have written for professional organisations in the world of ESL. Click on the screenshots or the links to get to the article.


An article I wrote about the art of storytelling in the corporate world and how to use the literary technique of Show Don’t Tell.

An article that explains how reading can improve a student’s range of English vocabulary.


An introduction of a new app – SuperClass. And the effect it may have on the Online ESL Teaching industry.

SuperClass App

I write about the situations and possible dangers that ESL teachers may find themselves in while working abroad.

Risks of Being an ESL Teacher Abroad

This is a short guide to help English students boost their confidence in speaking English.

Build Superhuman Confidence in Speaking English

English Club – June 2019


In this article I question the validity of the IELTS test and its cost.

The Gaming of the IELTS Test

I map out some great methods to help teach collocations. In my opinion, a fantastic way to help students broaden their vocabulary.

A Sure-Fire Way to Teach Collocations

An article about Chinese students studying in the West and their safety and welfare.

The Welfare of Chinese Students in Western Education

I wrote a short guide on how to be an English tutor while studying at college.

Become an English Tutor