Short Stories for Reading Comprehension

War of The Suburbs

This is a short story about aliens arriving in the suburbs of a small town in England. The main character is just a normal person in a normal town – then he sees a spaceship in the sky. If you are a teacher, you can use this story in your English or ESL class. Or …

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The Dentist

This is a horror story about a man who is visiting the dentist. He has a terrible fear of going to the dentist and the pain that it involves. And then things get a lot worse for him… You can use this story in your English or ESL class, if you are a teacher. Or …

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The Girl in The River

This is a creepy ghost story that will delight your students. This lesson plan comes with a 1000-word short story, a list of reading comprehension questions and then a page of questions for conversation and discussion. This is perfect for any English or ESL class but can also be used in an IELTS speaking or …

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