Free Speaking Lessons

Kids in Danger?

This is another in my series of free lessons to use in any ESL/EFL class. I think these lessons could also be used as part of IELTS training to help the students learn how to talk about a wide variety of topics. These are not IELTS topics but I think useful for IELTS students to …

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Childless or Child-Free?

Don’t you just hate those really basic lesson plans that you find? They might appear in one of the ESL books that you have to use or – even worse – one of the lesson plans that your school or training centre has fobbed you off with. Nothing inspired me less than seeing one of …

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Smartphone Addiction

I write lesson plans that incorporate reading, speaking, vocabulary and writing skills in English. I try to make these lessons a little interesting. Having taught many ESL speaking classes myself where we are forced to use a textbook or the lesson plans of the training centre/school, I decided to create my own speaking lesson plans …

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